Final Fantasy XV Angler's Nightmare Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Angler’s Nightmare Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Angler’s Nightmare

Final Fantasy XV Angler's Nightmare Side Quest Walkthrough
A Murk Grouper in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Angler’s Nightmare is the fourth and final side-quest in Navyth’s questline. It is also the most challenging fishing quest you can play from Navyth, the fisherman.

Because of its high difficulty level, we recommend playing this quest only after you level up Noctis’s fishing skill to level 10.

Furthermore, you should play this quest, after you get the recommended gear, because the Devil of the Cygillan or the Murk Grouper is a large fish that will fight you for its life.

So, here is how to complete Angler’s Nightmare and how to catch the Devil of the Cygillan in Final Fantasy XV.

Obviously, to start the Angler’s Nightmare side-quest, first you need to complete all of Navyth’s side-quests, including Navyth’s Challenge.

Next, look for Navyth on the beach near Galdin Quay. Talk to the old fisherman to learn more about the Murk Grouper you have to catch.

Objective: Catch the Devil of the Cygillan

After you start the quest, focus on advancing the game’s story until you unlock Altissia. This happens during Chapter 9, at the end of Altissia, City on the Sea story quest.

Once you reach Altissia, visit Arena Galviano and start waging medals at the Totomostro mini-game. Your goal is to earn enough medals to purchase the Lymlaen reel.

The mini-game is quite simple, but it requires deep knowledge of the beasts in FF XV.

After you get the Lymlaen reel, return to Lucis and check the store on the eastern shore of the Vesperpool lake.

Buy the Dragon’s Beard line, the Burrower: Abyss Worm lure, and the Death Spin rod.

Once you have all of these, assuming you leveled up Noctis’s fishing skill to maximum (10), go back to Galdin Quay.

The Vannath Coast Fishing Spot is where you will catch the Devil of the Cygillan. Cast your line and when the fish bites, reel in bursts but never when the controller is shacking in your hand or when the fish changes its direction.

You have to be aware that this side-quest is like a duel that can take up to 10 minutes. Rushing and reeling continuously will result in losing the fish.

The monster is more accessible if you use the equipment listed above and if you are patient. Keep an eye on how the fish moves and try to adjust the position of your rod accordingly.

Objective: Show the Fish to Navyth

After you land the Devil of the Cygillan, show it to Navyth nearby and in return you will receive the Tranquility Rod.

Try not to sell this specific rod because you will have to use it when you play the Liege of the Lake tour quest.

After you get your rewards, the Angler’s Nightmare side-quest as well as Navyth’s quest-line will end.

Angler’s Nightmare Quest Info

Description: “In the Cygillan Ocean swims a fish that has escaped all attempts to land it. It is the holy grail of anglers, and now it is Noctis’s turn to go a-questing after it. He sets out in hopes of bringing back the legendary giant they call “the Devil of the Cygillan.”

Client: Navyth

EXP: 5,000

Reward: Tranquility x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Stealing the Past side quest.

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