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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 5 New Bodhum 700 AF

Our Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 5 New Bodhum 700 AF explains how to complete the final zone of the fifth episode featured in FF XIII-2.

New Bodhum -700 AF- ends the fifth episode, and those who complete the main-quest here, will be able to advance to the final episode of the game.

This is not the first time you arrive in New Bodhum, however when you get here you will notice the world changed.

Both Noel and Serah can be accessed while playing this node.

If you open your map, you will notice that even if you have the map for New Bodhum, right now it is an unexplored zone, since many things changed.

Move west until you gain your running ability, then turn back to the starting point and look near the large roots in front of you for a hidden cube. It contains the Cartesian Board Fragment.

Go back down, and after you jump off the root, turn right and you will see a tree. Near it is another hidden cube. Pick up the treasure and go west towards the town center.

In your way, you will see a floating hidden cube, featuring two circles around it. You cannot pick it up right now, so you will have to come back later.

When you reach the town center, continue NW and you will find Chocolina’s chest. Use Moogle to bring back the vendor, and while facing her, turn around and go south. To your right, behind a rock and exactly in the corner of the map is a hidden sphere, which contains the Laplacian Board Fragment. Throw Moogle and claim the prize.

Now, go south and approach the time distortion.

Watch the cutscene and pay attention to the dialogue between Serah and Lightning, because many questions are answered now.

After the cutscene, Moogle’s hunt ability upgrades and you can recover the hidden treasures surrounded by two circles, as the one mentioned above.

First, go west and you will find Hope’s Message Fragment near a large tree, which stands on a rock.

Now, go east and get the other one, which you saw on your way to the town center. It contains the Map of New Bodhum 700 AF.

Go north and while facing the entrance to NORA’s house ruins, go left and pick up the artefact you saw during Lightning’s story.

After this, you can leave this place, using the gate on the pier. When you get there examine it and you will unlock Academia -500 AF-, but before traveling to this location, it is a good idea to visit several additional nodes.

Note: If you decide to travel to Academia 500 AF, the fourth episode ends and you will start the final episode.

A Dying World 700 AF

Your first stop should be A Dying World -700 AF-. Go NW, but stay near the right wall, to find a sphere containing 1625 Gil. From this position go S and up on a ledge you will see a cube. Throw Moogle to retrieve the Omega Fragment.

Continue south and you will see a red Chocobo on a small hill. Near the bird is a hidden fragment (Chaos Brand) to the left. It is inside a cube.

From this location go west and you will see a train buried in sand. At the end of the train is a hidden sphere containing the Sacred Cross, a sword that Noel can use.

Now, go south until you reach a blue gate. Behind it is a tree and in the tree a sphere. Pick it up then move NE until you reach Chocolina. Near her is a tree and near the tree is a hidden sphere with a Platinum Casino Ticket.

Continue to advance to NW and repair the next bridge, then travel to the relic where you saved Noel. While standing near The Farseers’ Relic, you will be asked a question.

Answer with „I can do this”, and you will get an Wild Artefact.

Open Historia Crux and select Serendipity – Year Unknown-.

Serendipity – Year Unknown-

In Serendipity, visit the Mystic and claim as many fragment skills as you can, but do not forget to activate them. Exit to Historia Crux and select The Archylte Steppe ??? AF.

The Archylte Steppe ??? AF

From your starting position , go west and jump over the ravine using Anti-Gravity Jump acquired from the Mystic.

In the next area, you will see a lake and near the lake a smaller rock. While standing near it activate Moogle, and you will discover a blue statue. Do not examine it yet.

Go, north around the lake and when you reach the end look for a hidden sphere containing a Unicorn Horn. Now go around the lake and use the central area to enter in the water. You will see two smaller islands.

On the right side of the first island is a hidden red statue, and on the left side of the second  island is a hidden sphere. Loot the sphere then examine the red statue to get the Amber Crystal which teleports you to the Nomad settlement. Return to the green statue you have found earlier and defeat the Gigantaur.

After you win the battle, open Historia Crux and travel to Academia -500 AF-, which starts the final episode of the game.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough
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