Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 4 Augusta Tower 300 AF

Augusta Tower -300 AF- is the second zone you have to visit while playing the fourth Final Fantasy XIII-2 episode.

The following Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 4 Augusta Tower 300 AF explains how to complete it faster and advance further in the game.

Those who manage to finish Augusta Tower -300 AF- will be able to travel in time to Augusta Tower -200 AF-.

We traveled to Augusta Tower -300 AF- using the northern gate in Academia -400 AF-.

From the Gate Matrix, select the Augusta Tower -300 AF- node located above Yaschas Massif -01X AF-.

Watch the introductory cutscene and you will receive your firs objective.

Objective 1: Examine the switch

After the cutscene, you will notice that Augusta Tower is in fact a maze, and that you have to solve its puzzles.

FLOOR – 12

On the 12th floor, activate the switch in front of you and the room will turn around.

Exit through the door and go right, until you reach the end of the platform. Get the sphere on the other side, then turn around, and move forward to activate the next switch. Pay attention to your left, because behind the rotating room is another sphere.

Examine the switch and the room near you will turn around. Enter, and then exit through the door on the other side. Kill the Flanitors, then go right and activate the switch twice.

Enter the room and exit through the door on the left.

When you exit, you will see an elevator moving.

Objective 2: Ride the elevator

Advance and activate the switch inside the elevator to get to the next floor.

FLOOR – 14

When you reach this floor, pick up the floating sphere to the north, then go west and you will see Chocolina to the right. She now sells new materials

Objective 3: Get to the top floor

See what Chocolina has to offer, then turn around and activate twice the switch near her. Enter the room, pick up the items inside the sphere and exit using the door on the left.

Move forward, enter the next room and activate the switch once. Use the other door to exit and go right to find a hidden sphere at the end of the platform.

Now turn around and go back to the last room. Activate the switch again, and go to the elevator.

FLOOR – 15

When you reach this floor, you will receive another objective.

Objective 4: Investigate the suspicious room

Follow the platform in front of you, enter and exit the next room and you will find a switch to the left. Activate it three times, then enter the room near you, and go right.

Advance, and go right, until you see another room and in front of it, a panel. Activate it twice and enter, in the suspicious room.

Approach the central control panel and a Live Trigger starts. The correct answer or password to this question (puzzle) is 1237172.

After the password is verified, you will get the Entropy Board Fragment which is the only fragment in Augusta Tower – 300 AF –.

Additionally you will receive the Access Key 50.

Open the Gate Matrix from Historia Crux and go to Augusta Tower –-200 AF-–, because this is, the next destination and you have the key needed to advance.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough
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