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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 4 Augusta Tower 200 AF

The third area of the fourth Final Fantasy XIII-2 episode, is Augusta Tower -200 AF-. Even if you get here after you visit, Augusta Tower -300 AF-, it is important not to confuse these two zone, because the action in Augusta Tower -200 AF- takes place in a different period.

In the following Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 4 Augusta Tower -200 AF-, we explain how to complete this specific zone, and how to beat the bosses you may encounter.

To reach Augusta Tower -200 AF-, after you pick the Access Key 50 in Augusta Tower – 300 AF-, open the Historia Crux from the game’s menu and select Augusta Tower -200 AF- as your next destination.

Watch the opening cinematic and you will receive your first objective.

Objective 1: Find the correct terminal to access information

Notice that the environment looks similar to the one from the previous zone, which means that you will have to explore several floors. The first one is the 50th floor.

FLOOR – 50

When you start, look to the right and activate one of the terminals you see there. You have the keycard, so the doors will open.

Exit the room, go right, and pick up the items inside the sphere then turn around and continue west.

At the end of the platform is another sphere, and to the left a rotating room.

Enter, and activate the first panel to your left. The password is 9261.

Watch the cutscene and get the Map of Augusta Tower. Additionally, all areas will be accessible.

Now, go back to the starting point and you will see Caius. At this point your objective changes.

Objective 2: Follow Caius

Continue to the starting point, and when you reach the first room, go north to the central platform and turn left. At the end of the platform, you will find a Wild Artefact. Pick it up and throw Moogle on the other platform so he can retrieve the sphere in front of you.

Turn around and when you reach the exclamation mark use the switch on the right, twice, because you already have the key.

Move forward over the platform that appears, and talk to Alyssa. When she disappears your objective changes.

Objective 3: Retrieve information from Alyssa

Activate the switch to the left to raise a platform, and then talk to Allysa. Remember, if you don’t have the key you must travel back to Augusta Tower 300 AF.

Objective 4: Find out who waits on the top floor

Leave the central platform, and move forward. See Chocolina sells, then exit through the next door.

Go right, to get a sphere, then turn around and go north to the next panel. Pick up the sphere near it, then, activate the switch once.

Enter the room and examine the second panel to the right, for a side-quest (Find Paradox Agent Type A) .

Go back to the central platform and talk to Allysa who will activate the lift.

Kill the creatures that attack you inside the lift and watch the cutscene. You will reach the next floor.

FLOOR – 51

The first thing you should do is to go southeast and pick up the seal inside a floating cube near a rotating Moogle.

To exit this floor you need the Access Key 52, which is located on the marked spot: however here you will have to solve a small puzzle.

The trick is to turn around all chamber and make sure they are connected. You can do this faster if you focus on their colors. Keep in mind that on this floor you will be attacked by Orions.

You have to activate the first terminal once, the third terminal once and the fourth terminal three times (from S to N).

Once you get the key, go back to the central elevator and move up to the next floor.

FLOOR – 52

Watch the cutscene and you will have to find the key to the top floor. To get to the marked location you have to use the same strategy as above, in order to move the rooms and solve the puzzle.

Go to the SW room and use the switch once, then go to into the room to the west and activate the panel there twice. When you reach the central area, activate the third panel three times. Now go back to the western room and use the switch twice and then move the NE room to get the top floor key.

Return to the central elevator and go up.

Take out the Greater Behemoth inside the elevator, and when you reach the top floor, you will find Chocolina.

When you are ready to face several bosses, follow the stairs up and watch the cutscene showing Yeul.

The final boss in this part is a Proto Fal’Cie Adam helped by Manipulators. Before starting this boss battle, you should know that this is a repetitive fight. In other words, you have to defeat the Proto Fal’Cie Adam more than once, if you wish to advance in the game.

Objective 4: Defeat Proto Fal’Cie Adam

We have used the same tactics as those used to defeat all previous bosses. Proto Fal’Cie Adam is no different from others; however, it is a good idea to focus on the Manipulators first and the main boss after.

A SEN/MED/SEN formation is good enough to keep your party alive when the boss attacks. Stagger the Proto Fal’Cie Adam using the normal RAV/RAV/RAV and defat him using a COM/COM/COM group.

Of course, you can also use additional deviations, such as a RAV/RAV/COM or a SEN/MED/MED, depending on how you leveled up your characters.

What is important to keep in mind, is that this boss battle ends with a Cinematic Action, and you must get a perfect score, because you will be awarded the Crystal Apple Fragment. To get it, press the following buttons:

-Push the Left Thumbstick to the Right

-Push the Thumbstick Up

-Push the Left Thumbstick to the Right

-Press B

-Push the Left Thumbstick to the Right

-Tap A to fill the circle on the screen

After the Cinematic Action, a Live Trigger starts. To complete it and advance in the game, you should choose scream at Hope. If you choose to fight the boss again, you will face a mace powerful version of Proto Fal’Cie Adam.

Defeat it and when the Live Trigger starts, chose the answer mentioned above.

Activate the console in front of you to unlock the gate to the right, and then go near it. Use the artefact you have found and you will unlock Academia -4XX AF-. This is your next destination.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough
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