Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 3 Additional Areas

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, players who have managed to complete The Archylte Steppe area, included in the third episode, should know that they must investigate several additional zones, before proceeding further in the game.

It is also important to know that to exit The Archylte Steppe , they will have to go back to the gate located at the starting point.

From there, through Historia Crux, they will have to travel to: Coliseum ??? AF (Coliseum –Year Unknown-), Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF, The Void Beyond ??? AF (The Void Beyond  -Year Unknown-) and Serendipity??? AF ( Serendipity-Year Unknown-)

Assuming that The Archylte Steppe boss was defeated, and the zone fully explored, it is time to finish several business, in the areas mentioned above.

In The Archylte Steppe, the first thing you have to do, is to go back to the gate located to the East (the same gate that brought you there).

Use the Gate Matrix , and select Coliseum –Year Unknown-, then travel to this location.

Coliseum ??? AF -– Arbiter of Time

When you get to Coliseum ??? AF move to  the center of the area and a short cutscene will start. Notice the hidden sphere located on top of the stairs, to the left, while facing the gate.

A strange entity, called Arbiter of Time will appear. Pay attention to the dialogue, and you will receive a new fragment White Hole Gem.

Pick up the fragment and go NW. Look around and you will see a sphere floating into space. Throw Moogle and loot the items.

As you probably noticed, you received a new objective, which reveals the next location: Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF

Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF

Objective 1: Head to Sunleth to find Snow

You should remember that in Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF, you did not kill the giant Flan, and now is time to go back to deal with it.

So, go back to the gate, but don’t forget the hidden sphere on top of the stairs. Pick it up, because it contains the Map of Coliseum, then go to the gate, and travel to Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF.

Objective 2: Defeat the giant Flan

When you get to Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF, you find out that Snow already engaged the giant Flan. You must hurry up and help him, however, remember that a boss fight follows and you should prepare yourself, and your party. This boss is also known as Mutantomato.

Mutantomato Boss Fight

The Mutantomato is a weak boss; however, now, he has turned green and he will poison you often.

You should use the following formations: SEN/SEN/MED (make sure your Medic learned Esuna), RAV/RAV/COM, or RAV/RAV/RAV and COM/COM/COM.

When Mutantomato attacks, switch to SEN/SEN/MED so the Medic can heal and cure your party, then switch to RAV/RAV/COM, or RAV/RAV/RAV to fill Mutantomato’s stagger bar. When the boss is staggered, change to COM/COM/COM and finish him.

After you kill the boss get the Mutantomato Fragment and watch the cutscene.

After the cutscene, a Mysterious Artefact appears near you. Get near that location and send Moogle after it, by throwing him.

Once you have the artefact in your hands,it is time to go to the next gate.

Objective 3: Head for the gate

The location of the next gate is marked on your map. Go there and use the Mysterious Artefact to open it and unlock The Void Beyond ??? AF.

Watch the cutscene showing Yeul and Caius, then select the node in the middle.

The Void Beyond ??? AF –

When you reach The Void Beyond ??? AF, pick up the map of the area. It is inside a sphere, near one of the gates.

There is also a floating cube to the West, near the portal that brought you here. Throw Moogle after it and get the Prediction Gate Seal.

Examine the large glowing crystal and while facing it, go around it to the right. Another floating sphere holds The Calm Gate Seal.

These two seals unlock the time reversal in Coliseum ??? AF and Archylte Steppe AF???. Now it is time to leave The Void Beyond ??? AF.

Get to the gate, enter the space distortion, and you will see two additional zones unlocked: Serendipity ??? AF and Academia – AF400 –

NOTE: If you travel to Academia – AF400 – you will start the fourth Final Fantasy XIII-2 episode. It is a good idea to visit Serendipity ??? AF first.

Serendipity??? AF –

When you enter Serendipity ??? AF pick up the Casino Ticket inside the sphere near the gate.

Talk to the girl at the entrance and you will get the map of this area and another Casino Ticket.

Objective 1: – Head to the exchange counter

As you have noticed, Serendipity is in fact a casino. Here you can play multiple games and earn various prizes.

To participate in a Chocobo race, you need a Chocobo in your party. The Chocobo racetrack is located to the north, on the other side of the map. The doors will open when you approach the building.

Talk to the girl at the entrance and participate in a race. If you don’t have a Chocobo, you must travel to The Archylte Steppe ??? AF and get one by defeating the creature in a direct battle.

Go left and you will see a small Chocobo. Examine it and you will get the Chocochick Down fragment.

In this place you can exchange tickets and register your chocobo. If you already have a Chocobo in your menagerie, but you can’t register it, you should remove it from your party first.

Another place of interest in Serendipity is the slots casino. Located on the eastern side of the area, this place sells a Wild Artefact for 10.000 gil. Additional fragments can also be purchased for chips.

Spend some time here, and when you are ready to proceed, exit the building, and go west. Near the entrance of another building, you will find a cube containing The Fall Gate Seal. Pick it up, enter the building and talk to the Mystic.

The Mystic allows you to unlock fragment skills, such as Mog’s Manifestation or Haggler.

It is time to leave this place and get a better commando unit, before starting episode 4.

Go to the gate and travel to The Archylte Steppe.

If you move south from the nomad camp , you will see a small field of red flowers. While keeping a fair distance from it, throw Moogle several times and you will find a new creature, called Cichu. Upgrade it and you will notice that Cichu is probably the best Commando unit in the game.

By now you should also be able to defeat the Gigantaur Boss we have revealed previously.

To kill him we have applied the same strategy and tactics used to kill Mutantomato. If you manage to kill him fast you will add Gigantaur to your party as a very powerful Synergist unit

The third episode ends here, and now it’s time to move forward in the game.

The first location of the fourth episode is Academia 400 AF. Go to the gate in The Archylte Steppe and select Academia -400 AF-.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough
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