Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 2 Bresha Ruins

Bresha Ruins -005 AF- is the next location in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the following walkthrough explains how to complete this part.

Our Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 2 –Bresha Ruins is part of the full FFXIII-2 game guide, created with the purpose of helping players who have purchased the video game, and need additional help while playing it.

The walkthrough is divided in parts, which can be accessed through the table of contents below.

Bresha Ruins -005 AF- features 8 fragments that can be collected by Serah and Noel. Both characters left New Bodhum through the portal they have unlocked in the previous episode.

After the Historia Crux tutorial, select Bresha Ruins -005 AF- from the Gate Matrix and watch the introduction and the cutscene.

Get ready because this episode starts with a boss fight!

Objective 1: Defeat Paradox Alfa

The fight against Paradox Alfa is not as hard as it looks; however, you have to pay attention to the Cinematic Actions that must be completed.

There are three Cinematic Actions during this fight and they occur during different stages. If you manage to complete them, you get several bonuses, which help you to kill Paradox Alfa faster.

First Cinematic Action –Pull the Left Thumbstick to the right

Second Cinematic Action – Pull the Left Thumbstick to the right, then Up and then press A

Third Cinematic Action – Tap Y several times.

If you manage to complete the first action, Serah gets the Faith buff and Noel the Bravery buff.

If you finish the second cinematic action, Paradox Alfa will be staggered.

The third action is the last one, and if you also complete it successfully, you will get a Silver Gear.

Regarding the strategy that must be used against Paradox Alfa, you should know that the Commando and Ravager  combination may be the best, however you have to move very fast, because this boss uses the Wound Damage strike which reduces your HP.

During the fight, you will not be able to use any potions; therefore, you must finish the battle as fast as you can. This means that the Cinematic Actions are vital.

After the cutscene, watch the cutscene showing the soldiers that surround you and you will unlock the Time Traveler Achievement/Trophy.

The soldiers will escort you to their captain.

Talk to him and you will end up in prison.

In the cell talk to Noel to start a Live Trigger, and then talk to the soldier outside for another one. Talk to the guard again, and a girl named Alyssa Zaidelle will appear. Talk to the sentry again to escape the prison cell.

Watch the cutscene introducing the Paradox Effect and Bresha Ruins.

After the cutscene, complete Alyssa’s Live Trigger and you will receive your second main objective.

Objective 2: Follow Alyssa

Before moving forward, you should explore the areas near you to find several items and treasures. From where you stand, go right, and up on the stairs that take you to a balcony. You will find a cube containing Leaving Gate Seal.

Now follow the stairs down and move forward. To the right you will see the gate that takes you to Historia Crux and in front of you is a sphere containing 400 gil.

Now, go near Alyssa and look behind her, to the right. Up on a small balcony you will see another sphere containing a Black Belt. Another sphere containing 350 gil, can be found on the right side of the girl dressed in a red chocobo suit (Chocolina). Get it, and then return to Alyssa.

You should also see what items Chocolina sells.

Talk to Alyssa and she will give you the map of Bresha Ruins and the Academy Communicator.

Watch the cutscene and then learn how to change the party leader and how to identify the gates featured in the game. Your main objective changes now.

Objective 3: Track down Atlas

After you start this quest, go north and up the stairs, then left. Open the sphere to get two potions and proceed forward.

Defeat the Cait Sith and the Zwerg Scandroid and check out the Monster Crystal they left behind. Read the Party Paradigms and Feral Link Tutorials to learn more about the monsters you can add to your party.

Continue north and when you reach the top of the stairs go left. You will see a gate and several soldiers near it.

Pay attention to Moogle and follow him, then talk to the soldier near him. You will learn how to send Moog after treasure spheres and cubes. Try it and he will bring you one, which contains the Wild Artefact.

To the left, locate Chocolina and talk to the soldier near her. You will start a side-quest for the Ghast Fragment, but you have to defeat the Cie’th.

Secondary Objective 1: Defeat the Cie’th

To find the Cie’th, open your map and locate the NW corner of the map. It looks like a square; however, you should complete this quest while exploring the map.

Another soldier wearing a red costume has a side-quest for you. He wants you to find two capsules. If you manage to complete this assignment, he will give you the Unio Mystica Fragment.

Secondary Objective 2: Retrieve the two capsules

Now, since you picked up all quests, it is time to leave. Go west and you will see the entrance to the sewers. Do not enter yet. If you go right, Moogle will inform you that a treasure is nearby. Press RB and send him after it, and examine the sphere. It contains the first capsule.

Now, you can enter the sewers, because here you will find the second capsule.

Move through the sewers and follow the first tunnel to the left, but be careful because two Hoplites will attack you. Stagger them as fast as you can and then kill them. Move forward and you will find a new sphere containing the second capsule.

Return to the main path and push forward until you reach a new gate. Go around it and you will be attacked by three Hoplites. Kill them and send Moogle after the treasure he spotted nearby.

Exit the tunnels and move north, and you will see Atlas. Watch the cutscene and complete the Live Trigger. You will be asked if you wish to take your chance with Atlas. It is a good idea to avoid a direct fight with him, because you will die. Answer the question and you will receive a new objective. Make sure you don’t fight Atlas now.

Objective 4: Can we control Atlas?

To the left you will see some steps and in front of them a sphere. Pick up the item inside and follow the stairs.

Enter the sewers, and when you see Chocolina look to the right for a sphere. Pick it up, then return, and go through the tunnel on the left side. Send Moogle after the hidden sphere located near the tunnel’s entrance. Inside you will find the Star Pendant. As soon as you approach the sphere, you will be attacked by the Cie’th. Kill him and you will get the Ghast Fragment as a reward for the side-quest.

The Cie’th is an easy opponent, but make sure you stagger him as fast as you can. Don’t forget you can have three additional party members that can be used in battle.

Now, go back and follow the eastern tunnel until you see the device you are looking for. You will automatically enter a time paradox. Here you must complete the Temporal Rift Tile trial, a puzzle that is not so simple, because you also have to collect all crystals. Here is the full solution:

Temporal Rift Tile Puzzle – Stage 1

4 tiles forward,1 tile left, 1tile forward, 2 tiles right, 1tile forward, 1tile left, 1tile forward

Temporal Rift Tile Puzzle – Stage 2

4 tiles forward, 1 tile right, 2 tiles forward, 1tile left, 1tile back, 1tile left, 3 tiles forward, 1tile right, 1tile forward

Temporal Rift Tile Puzzle – Stage 3

1 tile forward, 2 tiles left, 1 tile forward, 2 tiles right, 1 tile forward,1 tile right, 2 tiles forward, 1 tile right, 1 tile forward

After you complete this puzzle, you will get another fragment (Delicate Crystal). Approach the device and interact with it, to weaken Atlas.  Now it’s time to deal with this boss.

Go all the way back and  near Atlas you will find Chocolina. To her right is a sphere. Loot it and don’t forget to upgrade your party and your characters. When you are ready to fight Atlas, proceed forward.

Atlas Boss Fight

Atlas is not an easy boss, and before starting the battle against him, you should know that the fight is followed by four cinematic actions. If you complete them, you will earn another fragment (Atlas Fragment).

Additionally, you should also know that you must stagger Atlas quickly; therefore, try to switch between RAV/COM/RAV and RAV/RAV/RAV to fill up the bar faster. A medic is also needed during this fight. If you have a Cait Sith, spend one slot on it.

When Atlas yells, he will cast Curse on your party. Switch to RAV/COM/MED.

After you stagger Atlas, switch to COM/COM/SEN, if his stagger bar depletes too fast.

Don’t forget about the potions and the feral link.

Eventually Atlas health bar empties and the cinematic actions start. Get ready to use the following buttons.

Cinematic Action 1: Push the Left Thumbstick to the right and press B

Cinematic Action 2: Push the Left Thumbstick to the right and press A

Cinematic Action 3: Push the Left Thumbstick to the right and press A

Cinematic Action 4: Push the Left Thumbstick to the right and press A

Watch the cutscene and complete the next Live Trigger, then search the pillar on the other side of the area. It is marked with an exclamation sign.

Read the epitaph and Alyssa will appear. After the cutscene, you will see that new areas have been unlocked, and the artefact required to open the gate to the next area.

You will find it near the stone pillar you searched earlier. To the left is a prism containing a Lucky Cover. Pick it up then take the artefact by sending Moogle after it. It is the Eclipse Artefact.

Ride the Chocobo near you and turn in all side-quests, for additional fragment. Also, make sure you investigate the areas you have unlocked.

Open your map, get near the locked gate and send Moogle to bring the artefact. Go to the encampment located near the sewer entrance and activate the portal to continue the main quest. Your next destination is Episode 3: Yaschas Massif -010 AF-.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough
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