Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 1 New Bodhum Part 2

The second part of the first Final Fantasy XIII-2 episode (New Bodhum – AF003), continues the events started previously, and the following walkthrough explains how to advance further in the game.

Serah wakes up in her room, after she investigated the meteorite with Noel. By now, you already know that the meteorite is in fact a portal, which allows you to reach Lightning, Serah’s older sister; but to activate the portal an artefact is needed.

When Serah wakes up you will gain access to two new in-game options: the Party Paradigms and the Crystarium.

At this point, you can follow the tutorials teaching you how to use these features, or you can skip them.

The Crystarium allows you to upgrade your characters that can learn new abilities, and powers. It also improves the character’s attributes, such as health and stamina. A Crystarium is divided in several nodes and to upgrade your characters you need Crystarium Points that can be earned through battles.

Obviously, you should upgrade your characters based on your own play style; however keep in mind that the amount of Crystarium Points you need to develop the abilities will gradually increase.

When you want to upgrade a character in Final Fantasy XII-2 you have to choose the character’s role, which gives you access to the nodes you can purchase. By now, Serah should have the following roles: Level 2 Commando, Level 1 Ravager and Level 2 Sentinel.

We decided to increase her Commando level and her Ravager level. We will continue to focus on her Commando and later on her Magic Power.

For Noel, we upgraded his Commando, which increases his attacks, and later his Medic and Synergist abilities.

After you upgrade your characters, you should pick up the items inside the cube to the left, and then exit Serah’s room to receive your objective:

Objective 1: Head outside when you’ ready

When you exit the room, to the right you will see Lebreau. Talk to her for a Live Trigger and answer how you wish. We decided to go with „Sorry about yesterday…”

You can now exit NORA’s house and watch a new cutscene, followed by a tutorial regarding Moogle’s Bobble. You can read the tutorial and you will find out that Moogle’s booble lights up every time a treasure is nearby, so make sure you keep an eye on him.

If you find some treasures and you cannot pick them up, it means that you have to advance in the story and upgrade Moogle.

After the tutorial, you will receive a new objective, but before that, you should go right, while facing the beach (or SW) and approach the destroyed house where you will see some vegetables.  Examine them for a new Live Trigger. Choose an answer. We decided to ask, “How did it come to that? “

Follow Moogle who approaches a brown cat and examine the animal. Continue to follow the cat, and examine it. You will find the cat behind a house and you will have to complete another Live Trigger.

Objective 2: Search for an artefact

Approach the rocks on the northern side of the beach and search the place to find Lightning’s Knife. Complete the Live Trigger action and watch the cutscene.

Now, on the beach you will see some kids arguing. Moogle shows you the exact position. Follow him and talk to the kids (Serah’s students) and watch the small cutscene, then complete the Live Trigger.

Maqui interferes and your objective is to catch Rhett. Follow him but be careful because you will be attacked. When you catch him, complete the Live Trigger. We used the following answers:

“Talk to Miss Farron. Promise I won’t get mad.”


“I don’t want to yell at you.”

You will receive Snow’s necklace and another Live Trigger begins. Complete it and go back to the village for a cutscene that changes your objective point on the map.

The point shows that you should go back to Serah’s house, however you can complete a side-quest here, if you go near the stones where you have found Lightning’s knife. Talk to the girl seating on the beach and she will ask you to find a medical kit.

Secondary Objective:  Find the medical kit

To find the medkit faster open your map, and look for an area unlocked to NW. The item is in a chest, but you can pick it up later, because the area is secured.

Go to Serah’s room and check the mirror. You will receive the artefact you are looking for.

Objective 3: Head for the gate

Pick up the items inside the box near you and then travel North, where you fought Gogmagog for the first time. When you exit the house watch the cutscene.

As soon as you reach your destination, Gogmagog appears and you have to fight him again.

How to defeat Gogmagog the second time

The tactics used in the first battle remain unchanged, however as you probably noticed, this time, the monster is surrounded by a powerful shield which reduced the damage you deal.

To destroy the shield, attack as you fast as you can and stagger Gogmagog. Don’t forget about his Swipe attack and use Twin Shields do reduce the damage you take.

After you stagger him, the shield dissipates and the boss will lose health faster.

Kill him and you will receive another fragment, then you will see a chocobo nearby.

Ride the chocobo and take the medkit back to Neel to finish the side-quest. Remember that all side-quests are vital if you wish to gather all 160 fragments. For this quest, you will receive another fragment.

Now, go back to the portal and activate it for a new Live Trigger. Select I’m ready and watch the final cutscene of this episode, showing Serah leaving New Bodhum. The second episode starts after the Historia Crux Tutorial. Episode 2 is called Bresha Ruins –- 005 AF –.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough
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