Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 1 New Bodhum Part 1

The first episode begins with a cutscene showing Serah, the main character of the game, dreaming about Lightning, her older sister.

You are in New Bodhum, inside Serah’s house.

After the cutscene, Serah wakes up and you can control here.

A series of tutorials explaining how to use the camera, how to access the datalog, and how to move around.

Pay close attention to these tutorials and when you are ready open the map to see your first objective.

The following walkthrough explains how to complete the first part of Episode 1, featured in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Objective 1: Open the door and head outside

Zone New Bodhum – 003 AF

Approach the door and press A (on Xbox 360)

Open the door and a Live Trigger starts. You will be asked the following question:

Dreams of strange worlds; clothes appearing from nowhere. What’s going on?

You can give the following answers, however keep in mind that you answers may modify the gameplay and future events.

Was that a vision of the future?

Is someone coming here?

Am I still dreaming?

A message from Lightning?

Choose any answer you want. Our response was Is someone coming here?

Jump over the obstacles in front of you, and exit the house.

Watch the cutscene and then answer to the next question (Live Trigger): Where’s the village? Everything out here is completely different. What is this place?

Our answer was: Is this the future?

Watch the cutscene and when it ends, get ready to fight.

This time Noel will join you and you can use both character to defeat your enemies. Don’t worry, because they are easy opponents, and you can test your abilities, on them.

Defeat the Rift Beast quickly and you objective will change.

Objective 2: Defeat all hostiles

Zone: Town Square

The second objective is clear. You have to defeat all enemies in this area.

Don’t forget to follow the Paradigm Shift tutorial in order to learn the strategies you can adopt during a fight in FF 13-2.

Focus you attacks on Meonektons and attack as fast as you can to stagger them.

Keep your eyes on your health bar, and if you lose health drink a potion.

While clearing the area, exercise as many strategies as you can.

After you complete this objective, watch the cutscene, and you will unlock the Early Riser Achievement/Trophy. Your objective will also change.

Objective 3: Investigate the impact site

At this point, you can explore the Town Square or you can move north. It is a good idea to talk to all characters in the area, for additional information.

When you are ready, follow Noel and exit through the northern gate.

Move up on the platform you see to the right, and get ready to defend yourself, as a Gorgonpsid attacks you. He is vulnerable to fire, and an easy target.

Zone Winding Way

When you enter the Winding Way, examine the Sphere on the right. Pick up all items and continue forward, following Noel.

Defeat the Pulsework Soldier; however keep in mind that this enemy is resistant to most attacks. Make sure you stagger him quickly by attacking as fast as you can.

Advance and check the sphere in front of you. It contains the map of New Bodhum.

Open the map to see the zones you have explored, then continue up on the hill, but stay alert, because multiple enemies will attack you.

Cross the large root and continue forward, and then right.

Follow the path revealed by the map you have picked up and talk to Yuj, to start a new live trigger. Yuj asks you about your new attire. Answer how you wish, then look around for another sphere and Maqui.

You can ask Maqui a series of questions about the different realities or about the moogle.

Follow the path down and you will see Cocoon vanishing. Get ready for a fight against Gogmagog.

How to kill the Gogmagog

To defeat the Gogmagog you have to keep in mind that his Swipe attack is devastating. Use Paradigm Shift and then Twin Shields, to take smaller damage, then switch back to another Paradigm and attack him.

He is almost invulnerable to fire attacks, therefore use normal attacks on him. Drink potions to recover if you forget to cast Twin Shields.

If you attack him continuously, and as fast as you can, you will stagger him, and eventually defeat him.

Pick up the fragment he drops then continue forward by jumping from one stone platform to another, until you get near Noel. Before approaching the meteorite, make sure you pick up the items inside the two spheres near you.

Investigate the meteorite and watch the cutscene. You will find out that the meteorite is in fact a portal to Valhalla, and it can take you to Lightning, but you need some lost artefacts.

After the cutscene, you will return to Serah’s house and your objective will change. Check the second part of our Final Fantasy XIII-2 Episode 1 Walkthrough.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough
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