Fable Anniversary The Arena Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary The Arena Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary The Arena is the name of the quest that is unlocked after you defeat the White Balverine. The quest card can be taken from the Map Table in Heroes’ Guild.

The Arena puts you in a fight against creatures from all over Albion, some of which you fought before, and some that are specific to the quest.

The next Fable Anniversary walkthrough features details on what to do before the fight and how to deal which each of the rounds.


Money: 0 + 31060

Renown: 2000 + 2338

Experience: 36433

Trophy: Champion’s Seal

Trophy: King Scorpion Sting


When you accept the quest you can accept the Merciful Hero boast since it is about a choice that you have to make at the end of the fight (if you’re evil you can choose the Clean Sweep boast).

Travel to the Arena Entrance from Witchwood Lake and speak with the guards to gain access to The Arena (speak with the title vendor before that if you want a new title).

The first area before the actual arena is for preparation. You can buy equipment and potions before going to battle, and it is also recommended to buy the Bright Plate Mail outfit and the Thunder Hero Doll which are mandatory items in other quests.

When you’re ready you can talk to the guards by the door to let you in the arena. There are eight increasingly difficult rounds in the Arena and if you defeat them without taking a break you get the most money and also the Are You Not Entertained!? achievement.

There are four waves of creatures in each of the first five waves, and only one wave in the last three. The first round consists of four waves of wasps and you shouldn’t have any problem in killing them with a melee weapon.

The second round is made of Hobbes. Use the tactics you already know and area of effects spells when they overwhelm you.

Whisper joins you in the third round and will stay with you until the end. You now have to fight regular balverines and white balverines. A silver augmented weapon is effective against white balverines and you should deal with them first. However, this is your last chance to get a white balverine as a creature that you can summon. It takes a while to get it but it’s worth the trouble.

In the fourth round you face the Undead, which are really slow, making your life easier while shooting them from a distance. You need to fight with bandits in the fifth round, and while the first waves are fairly easy, you may want to be more cautious with the last waves where you encounter larger bandits. In the sixth wave you need to defeat two earth trolls. Multi Arrow and Slow Time are the best spells to use against them.

The seventh wave is similar, but now you fight rock trolls who are much tougher. You can try to hit back their boulders for increased damage. The last wave pits you against a boss enemy named Arachanox. He is not like anything you’ have seen so far, hence you need different tactics based on his attacks. Stay at a distance when he moves around and then use melee attacks when he charges his beam attack.

From time to time he burrows himself and summons small scorpions.

You can use this break to recover your health and will. A new character makes his appearance after the battle and makes you to fight Whisper to determine a winner.

You need to hit her only for a few times, but be aware that she can block most of your attacks. Therefore, try to roll behind her when she dashes towards you (ranged attacks are useless most of the time). When the fight is over you can choose to kill or spare Whisper.

If you’re not interested by the money and you follow the good path leave the arena to spare her. You receive your trophies after the cutscenes, when you complete the quest.

Fable Anniversary The Arena Walkthrough

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