Fable Anniversary Guild Training Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Guild Training Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Guild Training quest starts when the boy arrives at the Heroes’ Guild, but most of it takes place after the Melee Combat Test, when you choose to leave your childhood behind and begin the real training.

The quest takes a while to complete, but it teaches you all the basic game mechanics and prepares you for the real quests you can find in the game world.

The following walkthrough teaches you how to complete all the tasks, but it also gives you a few hints about some rewarding side quests.


Money: 0

Renown: 58

Experience: 611

Item: Lamp

Item: Ressurection Phial x2

Item: Health Potion x2

Item: Will Potion

Item: Apple Pie


You start inside the building, hence you need to follow the waypoint to the training ring where your Guildmaster awaits you. He tells you to get rid of the stick and he gives you an Iron Longsword.

Instead of a dummy you must now face Whisper in battle.

The battle begins after you are acquainted with the attack and block mechanics. Once you defeat Whisper do not go to the archery training yet. Instead, wait a little longer near the ring until a guild member marked by a green dot comes near you.

Talk to him if you wish to get graded in the melee combat. If you score an A+ you get an Iron Katana as a reward. Next, speak with the Guildmaster at the archery range.

Use the Yew Longbow that is given to you to hit the three dummies. For the second test change your view to aim manually and try to hit the dummies as many times as you can in one minute.

The target at the back grants you the most points, and powerful shots increase your score even further. Complete the test and then wait for the guild member if you want to get a grade. Complete the challenge with an A+ to get the Yew Crossbow.

Head across the bridge to the south to learn how to use the will. Basically you need to hit the dummies with the lightning, but only when they’re facing in your direction. After you complete the training you have the choice to face your final test or to play with Whisper in the woods.

Choose to play with Whisper if you wish to get graded, because if you get an A+ you are awarded with a Will Potion and a Resurrection Phial.

Tip: There is a Demon Door nearby which you can’t open yet, and also a Silver Chest which requires 15 Silver Keys.

After you are sure you have done everything you can accept the final test. For the final test you have to go at the top of the hill in the Guild Woods.

Maze is expecting you here and in order to pass the test you must defeat him. He only teleports around, so use your newly learned attacks until he says it’s enough. You can now return to the guild for the ceremony.

The final task is to step into the light to use your accumulated experience for some stats or spells of your choice. Then the Guildmaster gives you advices about your Guild Seal and you complete the Guild Training story quest.

Fable Anniversary Guild Training Walkthrough

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