Fable Anniversary Ghost Granny Necklace Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Ghost Granny Necklace Walkthrough

The Ghost Granny Necklace side quest can be acquired after you complete The Arena story quest. To start the quest travel to the Orchard Farm and speak with the farmer.

His mother was recently killed by bandits and he tells you that he have seen her ghost at the grave. In order to put her spirit to rest you must recover her heirloom.

The next Fable Anniversary Ghost Granny Necklace walkthrough tells you how to complete this short and easy task.


Money: 500

Renown: 200


Speak with the farmer in the Orchard Farm area to start the quest. After you hear what he has to say go around the house to talk to the ghost of his mother.

She reveals that she was attacked by a bandit in Greatwood Lake while she was on her way to give her son a necklace for his wedding anniversary.

The bandit killed her and took the necklace, which was a family heirloom. She asks you to find it and give it to her son so that she can rest in peace. When the conversation is over travel to Greatwood Lake and go to the path that’s going up to the waterfalls (northern side, where you picked the Silver Key next to the broken bridge).

Kill the bandit that is there to recover the Dead Lady’s Heirloom.

Alternatively, you can shoot the bandit with an arrow to save yourself a walk on the path.

Return the necklace to the farmer in order to complete the quest and receive your reward.

Fable Anniversary Ghost Granny Necklace Walkthrough

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