Fable Anniversary Fist Fighters Gang Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Fist Fighters Gang Walkthrough

The Fist Fighters Gang side quest in Fable Anniversary can be started in Bowerstone Quay after the prologue, but only during the night.

There is a gang that gathers in Bowerstone at nightfall, but in order to start the quest you need to speak to their leader, which only comes to the arena around midnight.

If you’ are up to the challenge you can pay an entrance fee to test your melee skills. However, there is more than one level for the Fist Fighters Gang side quest, and the following walkthrough features the locations of the gang and useful tips on how to defeat them.


Money: 300-500

Renown: 50-150

Experience: 100-400

Trophy: Fist Fighters Trophy


The competition is simple. You pay gold (the entry fee is 50 gold) to demonstrate your fist fighting capabilities in a one versus one match inside a ring. You can only fight with your fist, and your upper body clothing is removed once you enter.

The goal is to defeat your opponent before he depletes your hit bar. You also lose if you stay outside the ring too much. If you lose the gang disbands and you have to wait their arrival for the next night. When you defeat an opponent you advance to the next round (each gang has a different number of rounds), which usually features a better fighter.

The last round you always fight the leader, an opponent much more powerful than the rest. The fighters lose after you hit them a number of times, depending on your character’s strength. Because the difficulty increases with each Fist Fighters Gang the best strategy is to block all the time and retaliate immediately after the enemy finishes his streak (watch for patterns in their hits).

When you see him block stop your attack and do the same. Another good strategy is to punch them from behind, but do that only if you know you’re quick.

The first gang is in Bowerstone Quay area and it’s the easiest one. There are only four contestants and you should not have any trouble in beating them, even without blocking too much. Once you beat them you get complete Level 1 of the quest and you are able to fight in the next Fist Fighters Gang.

The second level becomes available after you unlock Oakvale. The fight takes places in a familiar place, where you guarded the barrels for the farmer when you were young. The opponents are tougher so block all the time and only attack when you catch them off guard. Beat all five contestants to pass Level 2.

In Twinblade’s Camp you can find the third Fist Fighters Gang. There are six fighters this time, but they are similar in strength to the ones in Oakvale, hence apply the same strategy. Defeat them to get the certificate for passing Level 3 of the quest. The fourth and final Fist Fighters Gang can be found in Knothole Glade.

It is the most difficult battle not because there are seven fighters, but because the last one is the Knothole Glade chief himself who can knock you out with only two strikes.

He is extremely resilient, thus you need to take your time to defeat him. Adopt a new strategy and train yourself with the lesser combatants. Instead of parrying their attacks while keeping the target locked just dodge behind them as they make a move and then attack until they turn around.

Be careful at the “three fists” move. If you’re not facing their backs after they land the first fist do not engage or they’ll most definitely hit you (observe if they turn around as you dodge the first fist).

Apply this strategy on the chief, but do not hurry or he’ll knock you out. Don’t worry if you punch him outside the ring, although you need to pay attention on the clock.

Once you beat him you get the Fist Fighters Trophy and you complete the quest.

Fable Anniversary Fist Fighters Gang Walkthrough

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