F.3.A.R Walkthrough

F.3.A.R Walkthrough: Interval 05 -– Tower

The fifth mission (interval) in F.3.A.R. is called Interval 05 –- Tower. The game guide below explains how to solve this interval in the game, and eventually, finish it without dying.

Interval 05 follows the events started in the previous mission, named Suburbs, and this text guide is part of the full walkthrough created exclusively for the first person shooter developed by Day 1 Studios.

Interval 05 – Tower starts with a cutscene featuring Jin who presents her plans to Point Man and Fettel. Suddenly, Jin is attacked by a group of zombies.

To receive the first objectives in this mission, you have to follow the road to the left. Your first objective is to find Becket and the second is to save Jin from the cultists.

Objective 1: Locate Becket

Follow the road to the left, until you reach a dead end.

Go right and you will see a fence. Enter the house to the right.

Continue down the corridor on the left, until you reach two doors. The one on the right is locked, but you can enter the one in front of you.

Advance, and in the next corridor go right and try to open the next door to the right. You will notice that the door is blocked, but you can still see the locker to another door. Shoot it and turn back.

Enter the room because you will find a glowing dead body, and then return to the main corridor and follow it.

At the end of the corridor is a shelf, and behind it another corpse. Interact with it and follow the corridor on the left.

You will enter a small room and you can see the EXIT sign on top of the door.

Continue and you will exit to the streets. You have to follow the road to the right, but be careful because you will be attacked by several guards.

Take cover and advance, and then go left. More guards will try to stop you. When you reach the end, go left through the locked door. Use the control panel on the right to unlock the door.

Explore the next area for a glowing corpse to the left, and an ammo crate, to the right. Near the crate is a ladder. Climb it.

Investigate the second floor because at the end you will find another glowing body.

Climb the next ladder, and you will reach the roof. From there, you have to jump down, but be careful because you will be attacked by zombies and soldiers.

After you clear the streets, look for a locked door to the left. Access the control panel to open it, and continue.

In the next area, to the right, is a dead body. Look near the first trash container.

Move forward and then go right.

Jump over the car in front of you and take out the hostiles you encounter, and then go right again. You will see a locked door and a control panel.

Open the door and continue.

The next yard is a battlefield. Take out the soldiers and then try to reach the other side, because there is the exit, up on a platform.

Make sure that you have enough ammo before you interact with the control panel, because you will be attacked by a large number of soldiers and zombies. Only after you kill them all, the gate will open.

Jump down and enter the next area. Shoot the locker to the gate on the left, and move forward.

Check the right side of the passage for a glowing dead body. Behind one of the fences, to the right, you will find another Alma Doll. Continue forward until you see a crater in front of you.

Jump on the box inside the crater and jump again, to the right.

In the next area, search the dark corner on the right, near the police car, for another glowing corpse that allows you to create a Psychic Link.

Go around the fence on the left, and use the green bus in front of you, as a ramp.

Go up on the roof and then back on the street. There is only one way to go, so you can’t get stuck, but watch your steps, for the holes that appear in the asphalt.

Eventually, you will reach a dead end, but on the right side of the road, is a door that takes you inside a building. Enter and follow the stairs up.

A cutscene will trigger and you will wake up in another room.

Investigate the room and look for the red EXIT sign. Go through the door and then follow the spinning door to enter the next area.

Here you have to defeat a Phase Caster and a robot. As soon as you enter the area, sprint to the right and you will find a new weapon which fires a laser beam. The Phase Caster can be identified by the blue suit he is wearing, and you must kill him, before he spawns an army of soldier.

When you fire the laser beam you will notice that the enemy is paralyzed. Run after him and when you have a clear shot, fire and don’t release the trigger until he dies. Don’t stay near the Phase Caster, because when he dies he will explode and he will probably kill you too.

Keep your distance and the trigger pulled, and you will be able to defeat him. If you run out of ammo, return to the crate where you find the weapon and continue.

After the Phase Caster is defeated he will send in a robot (Power Armor). Before he arrives try to clear the area of enemy guards.

As you noticed by now, the robot is a powerful enemy; however in this area you can defeat him faster if you play hide and seek. Here is what you should do.

Try to lure him near one of the pillars that can be observed on the right/left side of the area (near the ammo crates). The robot can’t destroy the pillars. He can damage them but he can’t destroy them.

When he is near a pillar, move left and right and fire all the time, but stay close to the column. The robot’s targeting skills and the column will help you to survive. If you have enough ammo, you can take him out with any weapon.

Keep in mind that you need to follow his moves: when he goes right, you go right, when he goes left, you should do the same.

After you destroy the robot, pick up all weapons and ammo, and exit though the gate on the bottom floor.

Explore the next house and keep your eyes on the ground because you will find another glowing corpse.

Exit through the doors on the left and then continue down the street on the right.

Take out all guards you encounter, including the shielded soldiers. Make sure you pick up one of the shields and advance.

Use the control panel near the blocked gate and continue. Destroy the turrets and kill the soldiers that attack you, and advance.

In the next building continue downstairs and you will enter a passage.

Follow the tunnel and kill the guards, then go outside. Move up on the stairs to the right, and then go left around the large statue.

Kill more soldiers, and then go right through the small building. Pick up the ammo you find there and then advance, following the stairs. When you reach the top, go right and you will enter a building.

Move forward and jump over the obstacles. You can’t use the elevators on the left.

Follow the passage and you will see a burning soldier coming out from an elevator, to the right. Investigate the elevator and you will find a glowing corpse.

Advance through the tunnel and you will go outside. Take out all enemy troops and you will reach a yard filled with containers. To advance you must kill a large number of guards. When they are dead, a Phase Commander will appear, and defeating him is the only way to finish Interval 5.

Remember to use your slow-motion when the Phase Commander teleports near you. Put as many bullets as you can in him, and make sure you keep your distance, otherwise when he dies he will explode and kill you.

When the area is cleared, look for a blocked gate with a control panel to the right. Near it you will find Jin and she will open the gate.

Watch the cutscene and you will complete Interval 05 – Tower. For this, you will unlock the Through the Haystack Achievement/Trophy and the sixth interval named Interval 06 – Bridge.

F.3.A.R Walkthrough
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