F.3.A.R Walkthrough

F.3.A.R Walkthrough: Interval 04 –- Suburbs

The fourth mission (interval) in F.E.A.R 3, is named Suburbs, and continues the events started in the third interval, called Store.

Our F.E.A.R 3 game guide below is part of the full step-by-step walkthrough, but is focused exclusively on the fourth interval available in the game.

You continue your quest to find Jin in Fairport, and you must cross the city’s suburbs, but unfortunately you are hunted by horrors and by Armacham’s guards.

As soon as the mission starts take cover, because you will be attacked by the guard, coming from the left.

Clear the area as fast as you can and move down to road. You will receive your first objective.

Objective 1: Get to Fairport and find Jin

Advance down the road, and take out all the guards that attack your.

Turn left and kill more guards. On your right, you will see a garage door and two weapon/ammo crates.

Enter the garage, and the door will close behind you.

Open the next door and you will enter a house.

Go upstairs.

When you reach the second door, go around the fire until you reach the kitchen, and then go left.

Follow the next stairs up, but stay away from the fire.

When you reach the third floor, enter the first door to the right.

Pick up the weapon you find there, and jump down to the second floor. To your left is a dead glowing corpse. Interact with it and then jump all the way down, on the ground.

Take cover immediately because you will be attacked. Make sure that after you clear the yard, you investigate the right side, because there is another glowing corpse there, which allows you to create a Psychic Link.

Continue left and then left again but stay alert because you will be attacked. The next area is a larger yard, to the right. More guards wait for you here. Take them out and advance until you reach the other side.

Here, you have to climb a fence, but before doing that, check the right side for another corpse.

Advance and enter the next house through the hole in front of you.

Exit the house through the next hole in the wall. Starting now, all you have to do is to explore more yards. You will be attacked by several guards and eventually you will reach a dead end. There is a table on the left side that allows you to jump over the fence and enter the next area, featuring a gazebo in the middle.

Make sure you keep your weapons loaded, because a large number of guards will attack you, as well as a robot. Use shock grenades to take him out, and if you run out of grenades, sprint to the weapon crates inside the yard.

When the area is cleared, use the hole in the fence to continue, and eventually you will reach another wall with a hole in it.

Enter the house and search the left side for a glowing corpse.

Another corpse can be found in the next room, on the right side, at the end of the chamber.

Interact with it to create a Psychic Link then go upstairs and turn right. Enter the kitchen and advance until you see a large TV, showing a blue screen. There is another corpse in front of it.

The mansion is complex and features a large number of rooms. Take your time and investigate all of them but stay alert because the house is filled with zombies. The exit is in the basement, and as soon as you reach it, load your weapons because you will be attacked by a wave of zombies, coming from the walls.

You have to kill them all in order to trigger a cutscene and receive your next objective.

Objective 2: Reach the utility power tunnel that leads you to Jin

As soon as you get this objective, take cover because a large number of Armacham guards will attack you. During the first wave, there is also a sniper, which fires from a balcony. Try to reach that position and take the sniper rifle.

From the balcony you can clear the yard faster, but don’t forget to watch your back, because your enemies may enter the house.

After all enemies are dead; you need to go outside and look for a brown box near an ammo crate, just under the balcony where you found the sniper.

Before leaving this area make sure you investigate all rooms and buildings, and then jump on the box and over the fence.

Now, you need to take control of the armor you see in front of you. Approach it and interact with it.

After you enter the power armor, destroy the door of the house to the right and advance. You have to kill many guards inside the house, and to advance you must destroy the cracked walls.

Eventually, a cutscene will trigger and you will enter a forest. All you have to do is to follow the road and kill all enemies.

When you reach the end of the road, exit the armor and jump on the brown crate near the gates. You will enter the facility and you will see several energy generators.

Kill the enemies in this area and then pass the generators, without touching them.

In front of you, is a small office. Enter and take out the guards, then explore the rooms and exit through the large gate on the right.

In the next area you must put up a long fight against waves of guards. If you survive you will end this interval and you will unlock the Town Hall Beating Achievement/Trophy.

Make sure you move all the time, and when you are overwhelmed use to slow-motion, to reduce the number of enemies.

The trick is to destroy all generators in the yard, and their explosion will open a tunnel, near the platform in the center.

When you complete this task you will be able to access the next mission (interval), named Interval 05: Tower.

F.3.A.R Walkthrough
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