F.3.A.R Walkthrough

F.3.A.R Walkthrough: Interval 03 -– Store

The third part (mission) in F.3.A.R. is called Store, and our text game guide explains how to solve this interval faster, in order to complete the game.

This guide is the third part in the step-by-step F.E.A.R. 3 walkthrough.

Exit the cell, by opening the only door, and you will receive your first objective.

The mission is played as Point Man, and continues the events started in Interval 02.

The first objective appears as soon as the mission starts.

Objective 1: Find your way to downtown Fairport

Start by exploring the destroyed store and advance until you reach a large shelf, to the right.

Crouch and advance, then go left and right.

Continue down the corridor and you will see some stairs to the left.

Crouch; go left and then left again, up on the next ladder. When you enter the container, go left, and then right.

Cross the next platform and enter the container. Advance and jump down. Your objective will change.

Objective 2: Look for an exit out of the store

To exit this area, you need to open the blue door in front of you, but first look to the left, and you will see a gate. Open it by pressing the green button and create a Psychic Link using the glowing corpse inside.

Exit through the blue doors and follow the corridor, but make sure you investigate the bathroom. First door on the left.

Return to the corridor and open the second door on the left side, and explore the room. You will see a hole in one of the walls, and that is your exit.

Follow the next corridors and you will reach a large door. It can be identified by the Exit to Home Electronic sign.

Open in and enter the next corridor, then up on the stairs to the left. Go up and follow the ramps. Make sure you keep your balance.

When you reach the last container, jump down.

The next area is the Home Electronic section of the store. Advance slowly and make sure you check the right side of the alley, because there is a dead body that allows you to create another Psychic Link.

Advance down the alley until you reach another ramp.

Go up and then right and right again through the hole. Jump down and interact with the glowing corpse in front of you.

Here you will be attacked by a group of zombies. Take them out and follow the corridor they opened for you.

When you reach the end of the corridor, shoot the fire extinguisher you see in front of the large gate, to create a hole. If you follow this secret passage, you will find an ammo crate and additional weapons.

Continue down the corridor and kill the zombies that attack you.

Proceed forward and make sure that when the slow-mo scene triggers, you run, otherwise several crates coming from above will kill you. Get ready because a group of zombies will also attack you here.

After you kill them continue through the shelves, but stay alert.

You will eventually reach a foggy area where more zombies will come to life. Kill them and then, at the end of the corridor go left.

Advance until you reach the managerial offices. The main corridor will take you to the exit, but don’t forget to investigate each room.

When you reach the exit, open the door and go right. You will enter the gardening section of the store. Continue down the alleys until you reach a dead end. The only way is up, therefore look for a blue ladder and climb it.

When you reach the top, keep in mind that the exit is to the right and that you will be attacked by a large number of zombies. Some of them have explosives attached to their bodies. Use this in tour advantage and take them out before they reach you.

Use the platforms and go right, until you see another ladder. Jump and continue.

In the next area you will be attacked by more zombies. When the area is cleared, make sure you look for a gate, and behind it you will see two zombies wearing explosive devices. Shoot them and the gate will blow up.

Continue down the alleys and you will eventually enter the meat section.

The exit is to the right, behind the carcasses; however keep in mind that in the next area, you will be attacked. Make sure you pick up the weapons and ammo you find in the next office, and take out the zombies.

You will enter a burning hall, and to exit you must reach the other side, where you will find a ramp, to the right.

Explore the hall before leaving and when you are down, follow the ramp and jump.

Move forward in the next alley and up, following the stairs on the left.

If you follow the ramps up, you can’t get stuck, but make sure you are ready to kill several zombies. Some of them will attack you from distance; therefore you must pay attention and look for them on higher platforms.

Just follow the ramps up and down and you will reach the end of this area. It is marked by an ammo crate to the right, and a ramp to the left.

If you go up on the ramp you will see a floating chair. Enter this section only if you are ready to kill an army of zombies. They will come from everywhere, so keep you weapons loaded and take out the explosive zombies first.

After all zombies are dead, take cover because several soldiers will blow up one of the doors, on the other side of the room. That is your exit and you must kill the soldiers too.

Follow the next corridor and clean it step-by -step.

Exit through the gates on the right and you will finish the third interval in F.3.A.R..

You will unlock the Pain, In Bulk Achievement/Trophy, and the fourth mission, named Interval 04: Suburbs.

F.3.A.R Walkthrough
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