Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough: The Roof Of the Matter

In the quest you received from Lord Devonsey, you must find a scholar named Phineas.

Phineas was captured by a tribe of dwellers, known as the First People.

Your objective is to find the tribe and save Phineas.

Quest: Find the First People Village

Make sure you sell the items you don’t use and save your game.

When you are ready to start the next adventure, follow the road on the left and you will enter the Gloamwood Bog.

You will notice that there is only one road to follow in Gloamwood Bog, but there are many hidden passages and chests.

Make sure you explore each area twice.

You will eventually reach a bridge and a royalist scout will ask for your help. He fights against the First People, and you must defeat them in order to proceed.

Cross the bridge and you will meet Lord Devonsey. Talk to him and find additional info regarding Phineas.

Lord Devonsey will join your group and you must investigate the First People’s village to find the Captured Royalists.

Quest: Find the Captured Royalists

In the village you have to lower a bridge to continue. You will be attacked by many villagers as well as Bogs.

There is only one way to advance, and you will eventually reach a spot where you will meet Maru-yatum.

He will call some of his warriors and you must kill them all. Make sure you avoid the green poisonous areas on the ground, because you will take damage.

Maru-yatum will flee during this battle, but you will find him up on a platform in the trees. You must go up on the ramps.

When you reach the final platform you will find the Royalist prisoners, but Maru-yatum protects the cages.

Maru-yatum is a very powerful boss, not only because he summons Bogs, but he also uses powerful spells.

When you fight him stay away from his spells and don’t step on the green areas you see on the ground. Take out his Bogs and the villagers that appear and then continue your assaults on the boss.

Move around all the time and attack only when the area is cleared.

Defeat him and he will surrender then you will be teleported to his village.

Open the chests near the central fire and talk to Phineas.

Quest: Return to the Royalist Camp

When you exit the First People Village, talk to Arah. She can be found to the right side of the main road. You will receive a new quest from her, called Missionary Work.

On your way back to the camp, make sure you enter the hidden area on the right, to find the second scout party. Be careful because you will be attacked by many spiders and a Spider Matriarch. Defeat them and you will complete the Lost in the Swamp quest you received from Roderick.

Continue down the road, back to the camp; but make sure you go up on the ramp you see on the right side of the road, because that path will take you to the slug eggs. Defeat the worms that attack you, pick up the eggs and return to Arah in the First People village.

Now, since you completed this quest, you have to go back to the Royalist Camp.

When you reach the camp, talk to Roderick and you will complete the Lost in the Swamp quest.

Go to the center of the camp and talk to Lord Dovensey and Phineas.

Follow Phineas and he will show you the way out of the swamp.

When you reach the other side, save your game. You will unlock the Through the Murky Mire Achievement/Trophy, and your objective will change.

Quest: Travel to Stonebridge

Follow the road on the left and you will see a group of mercenaries. One of them is Svarbog, son of Zaria, the witch you killed.

Defeat the mercenaries and Svarbog, then continue down the road, but make sure you check the entrance to the right. You will be attacked by several mercenaries protecting a cart and three treasure chests.

Go back to the main road and proceed forward.

Eventually, you will reach a save point on the right side of the road. In front of you are the gates of Stonebridge, and to the left you will see an Automaton Constable.

Talk to the constable and he will open the gate for you. Make sure you inform him that you are just passing through the city.

Enter Stonebridge and investigate the town. The main quest will change and the new quest is called The Grand Chapterhouse.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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