Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough: On the Road

In order to complete the quest named On the Road, you have to reach Stonebridge.

The city is located south, but you must cross the Eastern Swamp first.

Use the table of contents below if you wish to jump to other sections of the game.

Quest: Enter the Eastern Swamp

Exit the Chapterhouse and cross the wooden bridge.

At the end of the bridge will wait Lazar Bassili. Talk to him and he will give you the Heroes of the Old quest.

After you talk to Lazar, go left and follow the road until you reach a large crossroads.

The crossroad you are looking for can be identified by the large road sign, which points to 3 directions:

To the right is the Heroes’ Crypt.

To the left is the Eastern Swamp.

The last sign indicates the road to Raven’s Rill.

When you reach the crossroads, follow the road to the right, to Heroes’ Crypt.

Investigate the yard, and then approach the crypt.

Talk to Maximilien.

Use the signet rings on the statues near the entrance, and the gate will open.

Maximilien will ask you to find some relics for him, and you will receive a new quest called, the Relics of Another Age.

Enter the crypt.

Quest: Find the Ghost that Haunts the Crypt

There is only one main corridor to be followed here, and you can’t get stuck; however, keep in mind that you have to investigate each area.

On the right, you will find a blocked door. You must open it if you want to get the Skull of Norick (required in the Relics of Another Age quest).

The key to the door is located on the other side of the hall, inside a small room; with two burning torches on the walls. *Check the corpse there, then return to the locked door and pick up the Skull of Norick.

You will be attacked by Skeletons, Skeleton Archers and Champions, so stay alert.

If you follow the main corridor, you will reach Lady Montbarron’s grave. Make sure you read the inscription and continue up on the stairs. Kill all skeletons you encounter and you will eventually enter a large hall, where you will notice several stairs, arranged in a spiral.

Follow the stairs down, and then the corridor on the right, until you enter The Hall of Heroes.

Make sure you search the graves on the right and on the left, because you will find Merik’s Staff here (required in the Relics of Another Age quest).

Continue down the hall, but before going downstairs make sure you are ready to fight a boss. It is the ghost that haunts the crypt, and his name is Drakomir.

Drakomir is a powerful boss, because he can summon skeletons, he can teleport and he charges his opponents.

The skeletons must be defeated as soon as they are summoned, otherwise their numbers will increase. Dodging Drakomir’s attacks is also vital in this fight, because these attacks are very dangerous. Fallow him when he teleports and attack him after he charges.

After Drakomir dies, the Heroes of the Old quest is updated, and you will be asked to exit the crypt.

Make sure you follow the stairs up, at the end of Drakomir’s hall, and then go right.

In the next room, look to the left and you will see a table. On it is Lord Bolingar’s Blade (required in the Relics of Another Age quest). Pick it up and continue up on the stairs.

Advance until you see a blocked door. Use the lever on the left to open it and enter the chamber.

Exit the crypt and talk to Maximilien and Lazar Bassili, to complete both quests you received from them.

You can now return to the main quest, which requires you to reach the Eastern Swamps.

Quest: Enter the Eastern Swamp

Exit the Crypt’s yard, and continue forward until you reach the crossroads.

Take the road to the left (check the sign for additional information)

Continue down the road until you reach the repaired bridge. Cross is and continue.

Save your game at the next save point, then you will enter the Eastern Swamp Bluffs.

Follow the road, and you will meet Leopold.

Talk to him and continue. You will notice that the road is blocked. Your objective will change and you need to find an alternative route.

Quest: Find Another Route Through the Swamp

If you follow the road on the left, you will enter the Bioluminescent Cave.

The cave features one main tunnel that must be followed, but it is heavily guarded. Make sure your hero is well equipped and kill those who dare to attack you.

Eventually, you will find another companion (in our case Lucas Montbarron). Ask him to join you and change your companion if you like.

Follow the tunnel to the right and you will reach a blockade. Destroy several barrels then investigate it, and you will be able to move forward.

Check the corpses on the ground then continue and you will exit the cave. The next area is called the Swamp Battlefield.

Quest: Talk to the Royalist Leader

The royalist leader is Lord Devonsey. You will find him in the center of the camp, to the right.

Talk to him and your main quest will change. Your next quest is called The Roof Of the Matter.

Explore the camp and also talk to Roderick who will give you another quest, called Lost in the Swamp.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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