Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough: On Holy Ground and Rebirth

The quest called On Holy Ground starts as soon as Mayor Grimmelhaus agrees to help you in your fight against Jayne Kassynder.

You are teleported in Spire Bailey and you must find a way to infiltrate Kassynder’s fortress.

Quest: Enter the Spire

When the quest starts, save your game and look to the right for a chest.

Continue downstairs and talk to Rajani and Saraya. They will ask you to spare the life of Jayne Kassynder and kill the Archon of Vengeance and the Archon of War.

Enter the front gate, and kill the enemies you encounter. Search the place, then pull the lever and continue through the next gate.

Clear the yard and approach the small chapel. You will receive a new quest, called Dungeon Siege. You are asked to find a way in the dungeon, and you must go back. The only way to open the dungeon’s door is to step on a small platform which can be found in a garden, to the right.

The place is marked on your mini map, but it is well protected. Kill the troops there, step on the platform and return to the dungeon.

Go downstairs and save your game.

The dungeon is a small place, and you can’t get stuck. Here you will find a prisoner named Fitch. He asks you to find the key to his cell and set him free. To get the key you must kill the Jailor, located in another chamber not far from Fitch’s cell.

Go there and kill the Jailor, then return to the prison and open all cells. You will get the Liberator Achievement/Trophy for helping all prisoners in the dungeon.

Open Fitch’s cell and you will complete the Dungeon Siege quest.

Exit the dungeon and continue forward, then go right.

Use your GPS if you are lost and, eventually, you will reach a large building. Go upstairs and kill the Archon Handmaid.

Follow the stairs up and investigate the building until you reach the West Turret.

Don’t forget to save your game every time, because the number of enemies you must defeat will grow.

You will reach a chamber where the save point is near the walls on the left and in front of you is a platform.

Pull the lever and the elevator will take you up.

Quest: Slay the Archon of War

Go up on the stairs, and in the next room the Archon of War will wait for you.

The only thing you have to do if you want to defeat this Archon is to dodge the ranged attacks. Her spells are very powerful and you must stay mobile. Avoiding the Archon’s spells is vital if you want to survive the fight, and you have to dodge a lot.

After you defeat the Archon of War, pick up the items she drops and then go all the way back to the yard.

Quest: Slay the Archon of Vengeance

You must travel to the East Turret where you will fight the Archon of Vengeance. Make sure you use your GPS (Up on D-Pad), if you want to find the fastest way to the turret.

Go up using the elevator and kill the Archon of Vengeance. Use the same tactics, you used against the Avoiding the Archon, but before engaging the boss, make sure the coyotes she spawns are dead.

Quest: Face Jayne Kassynder in the Chancel

Now, that both Archons are dead, take the elevator down and use the GPS to reach Kassynder’s Chancel.

To find Kassynder’s Chancel, you must go back to the dungeon’s yard, because the gate is behind the small building.

You will notice that the gate is unlocked and you will enter the Chancel of Azunai.

Cross the bridge and open the doors, then save your game. When you are ready open the next door and advance.

After a short dialogue with Kassynder, you will enter an arena. Here you must defeat three bosses. Two of them are Cyclops and the third is Chakti.

During the fight waves of enemies will appear in the arena, and depending on your character you must choose the best strategy; however keep in mind that Kassynder will cast various spells, while standing in the center of the arena.

Make sure you avoid the targeted areas otherwise you can’t survive. Take your time and keep your eyes on the ground. As long as you avoid Kassynder’s spells you should be fine.

After you defeat Chakti, Kassynder will flee, and you must follow her. Use the elevator and you will enter the Sanctum of Fire. Here you must defeat two handmaids and this fight can be difficult especially because your companion (in the dingle-player mode) will attack Kassynder, which is invulnerable. Take out one handmaid, and then focus on the other one.

After they die, Kassynder will flee again and you must use another elevator to go up, to the Saints Solace.

Here you must face her. Kassynder is a very powerful boss, especially because she is able to teleport and then she appears near you. She attacks and she disappears again. Stay focused, and keep your eye on your companion. If she/he dies, resurrect her/him quickly. You can’t win this fight alone.

Mobility is the key in this fight, as well as knowing your hero’s attacks and abilities. Make sure you use them wisely and if you run out of health, destroy the vases around you.

After you defeat her, you will unlock the Aspire to Victory Achievement/Trophy, and Marten will appear.

Talk to the characters and you will receive a new quest, called Rebirth. It is the final quest in Dungeon Siege 3 and you are asked to return to Rukkenvahl using the Causeway in the dungeon.

Quest: Rebirth

Marten will accompany you, and you will reach the Chapterhouse through the Causeway. Follow Armand and talk to the characters, there for more information on what is happening.

After you save Armand, go downstairs and use his key to enter the East Forest. Pay attention because catapults will attack you. Avoid the marked areas on the ground.

Kill every creature that comes in your way and use the GPS to reach your destination, which is the Radiant Youth.

You need to find Jeyne and there is only one path to follow, but be very careful because you will fight her creatures. Make sure that you dodge to avoid the orange missiles launched by daevas and the pillars that come out from the ground.

Move slowly until you find Kassynder, and approach her only when you are ready to fight one last boss: the Corrupted Creator.

The fight against the Corrupted Creator can be tricky, and it has two phases.

During the first phase you must destroy his arms. Notice that the boss puts his right arm to the ground, and that is your target. Use your special attacks to inflict higher damage. Avoid his attacks by dodging and when he draws on the ground with his finger, make sure you stay away.

When the boss’s health drops, after you destroy his arm, he will start to summon various creatures. Don’t try to kill them, because you will be overwhelmed and you will die.

As you can see the Corrupted Creator attacks using some blue rays which come out from his eyes. Use this weapon against the creatures. Dodge around and the rays will kill your enemies, and then the Corrupted Creator will call them back. At this point you should be ready to strike, because his head will fall on the ground. Approach the boss and attack, then retreat, because he will summon his creatures again.

Use this strategy and you will eventually defeat the Corrupted Creator.

When he dies, another dialogue starts. Talk to the characters and decide Kassynder‘s faith. You will unlock the Welcome to the Winner’s Circle Achievement/Trophy.

Watch the final cutscene.

Congratulations ! You have completed Dungeon Siege 3 !

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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