Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough: Ebb and Flow and Lord Devonsey’s Trap

In these two quests (Ebb and Flow and Lord Devonsey’s Trap) you and Phineas must shut down the Stonestream.

It is a magical device that allows the air to enter the mines, and if you shut it down, the gas will collect at the bottom of the Deep Well, causing an explosion. Practically, Jeyne’s troops will enter a deadly trap.

Before starting these quest, makes sure you sell the items you don’t need and save your game.

When you are ready, find Phineas at the top of the Deep Well, and talk to him.

Quest: Defend Phineas

When you reach Phineas, he will start working on the Stonestream, device, trying to shut it down.

To complete the process, Phineas needs time, and you must defend him.

No matter what you do, don’t leave Phineas alone.

If you run out of health, destroy the blue crystals near Phineas’s platform.

The number of attackers will increase with each wave, but most of them are melee troops.

Dodge and attack, until Phineas completes the process.

He will ask you to return to the court; therefore you must go all the way back.

Roderick will appear and he will inform you that Jeyne’s troops are already inside. You must go to the bottom of the Deep Well and hold off the attackers.

Quest: Hold Off Jeyne’s Army

The faster way to reach the bottom of the Deep Well, is to track the quest in your quest log and then activate the GPS (Up on D-Pad).

Follow the path indicated by the GPS and you will reach the bottom. Make sure you kill everyone who stands in your way.

Use the platform near Lord Devonsey and go down, in the chamber hall below.

Assist the troops and talk to Kassynder.

When the dialogue is over, make sure you are ready to fight a Warbeast.

Quest: Defeat the Warbeast

The fight against the Warbeast depends on the hero you play with; however you must keep an eye on the ground.

This boss charges his enemies, and during its stampede, icicles will fall on the ground.

You must dodge the Warbeast’s attacks and dodge again when the icicles fall. You will know where they fall, if you look on the ground, because their shadows will appear, marking the next targeted areas

Let your companion take care of Jeyne’s soldiers, and you focus on the Warbeast. Eventually, if you dodge all the time, you will defeat it.

After you defeat the Warbeast, watch the cutscene and talk to Queen Roslyn. You will unlock the Long Live the Queen Achievement/Trophy and you will be asked to return to Odo.

Make sure you open the chests near you.

When you are ready, exit the throne room, and Roderick will teleport you to the Frostspire Mountain.

Use the Causeway gate and get back to the Chapterhouse.

Talk to Odo and when you are ready to proceed, you can start the Majority Rules quest.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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