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Dungeon Siege 3 Characters Guide: Reinhart Manx

Reinhart Manx is a playable character featured in the third title of the Dungeon Siege franchise.

Similar to Lucas, Reinhart Manx is a direct descendant of the Legion but unlike any other playable characters from Dungeon Siege 3, he has magic powers that allows him to teleport, electrocute his enemies, or heal his teammates.

The guide below reveals several lists containing Reinhart’s talents, special abilities and proficiencies, as they appear in the role-playing video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment.

The guide can be used by fans and players who wish to know more about Reinhart Manx and his fighting skills.

Reinhart Manx is descended from a long line of Legion mages. He has spent most of his life at the Collegium, in the city of Stonebridge, immersed in the study and practice of magic. Reinhart is known for his unconventional thinking and innovative magical techniques.

A scholar of arcane magic, Reinhart warps the forces of creation and destruction to his will. His Entropic magic can blast a wide area with life-extinguishing force, though it leaves him open to attack. It is perfect for destroying crowds of enemies, as long as he keeps them at a distance.

His Dynamic magic is channeled through an arcane gauntlet and capacitor. It creates deadly currents of energy with a mere motion of his hand, allowing Reinhart to quickly incapacitate a single target at close range.

Reinhart Manx Recruit Abilities

Lightning Strike:
Dynamic – Launches a deadly lightning bolt against a single foe.
Empowered – An empowered Lightning Strike launches a slow moving ball of lightning that injures everything along its path.

Clockwork Trap:
Entropy – Summons a trap at Reinhart’s feet. Any enemy crossing it will detonate the trap, unleashing a deadly blast.
Empowered – Casting an empowered Clockwork Trap, detonates all existing Clockwork Traps with greater force and radius than usual.

Circle of Healing:
Defensive – Reinhart enacts a healing spell that heals 50% of his health over the course of 30 seconds.
Empowered – Circle of Healing benefits the entire party when empowered.

Reinhart Manx Legionnaire Abilities

Mirror Leap:
Dynamic – Teleports Reinhart to a chose location and leaves behind a decoy image of Reinhart.
Empowered – The duplicate summoned by empowered Mirror Leap lures all enemies, forcing them to attack it, even if Reinhart is closer.

Geometry of Annihilation:
Entropy – Conjures a circle of energy centered at a chosen location. Enemies are gradually injured as long as they remain in the circle.
Empowered – Empowered Geometry of Annihilation causes increased damage over time and stuns any enemies in its area of effect when first summoned.

Barrier Field:
Defensive – Summons a powerful barrier around Reinhart that absorbs up to 33% of Reinhart’s maximum Hit Points.
Empowered – When empowered, the entire party is protected by a Barrier field.

Reinhart Manx Master Abilities

Dynamic – Reinhart unleashes a continuous torrent of energy on an enemy target for as long as the attack is held or until he runs out of Focus.
Empowered – Empowered Electrocute delivers a stunning current of electricity on a single target until the ability is halted or Reinhart is out of Power.

Creative Destruction
Entropy – Fires a conical blast for as long as the attack is held, or until Reinhart runs out of Focus. Allies hit by the blast, receive minor healing.
Empowered – Empowered Creative Destruction causes increased damage and stuns all targets caught in the blast.

Reinhart Manx Proficiencies

Circle of Healing:
Vector Dampening – While circle of Healing is active, Reinhart takes 5% per rank less damage.
Aggressive Defense – While Circle of Healing is in effect, enemies suffer a slight damage over time effect as long as they remain near Reinhart.

Lightning Strike:
Thunderclap – Each time Reinhart casts Lightning Strike, he causes a shockwave that stuns nearby enemies for 4 Seconds.
Power Surge – Lightning Strike gains a 10% chance per rank to bounce to an additional target.

Clockwork Trap:
Temporal Distortion – Enemies hit by the Clockwork trap suffer a 12% per rank slowing effect for 2 seconds per rank.
Force Magnification –Clockwork Traps cause 10% more damage per rank.

Barrier Field:
Equal and Opposite Reaction – While Barrier Field is active, 10% of incoming melee damage is reflected back at enemies per rank.
Angle of Incidence – Barrier Field has a 10% chance per rank to reflect projectiles that strike Reinhart.

Mirror Leap:
Temporal wake – Each time Reinhart uses Mirror Leap, he stuns enemies near his point of departure for 1 to 3 seconds.
Damaging Illusion – Reinhart’s mirror decoy reflects 10% of the damage he sustains back at the attacker. This damage reflection increases by 2% per rank.

Geometry of Annihilation :
Enduring Negation – Geometry of Annihilation remains in effect for 2 additional seconds per rank.
Temporal Inversion – Enemies hit by Geometry of Annihilation are slowed by 5% per rank and allies in the circle gain 5% per rank Agility bonus.

Perpetual Momentum:
Heightened Concentration – Reinhart’s Focus regeneration is increased by 12% per rank while Perpetual Momentum is active.
Mind over Mortality – While Perpetual Momentum is active, any healing Reinhart receives is increased by 5% per rank.

Creative Destruction :
Siphon Life –Reinhart recovers Hit Points equal to 3% per rank of the damage he inflicts with Creative Destruction
Entropy’s Shackle- – Enemies struck by Creative Destruction take 5% per rank more damage subsequent attacks.

Arc Mage – Reinhart’s Electrocute ability causes additional splash damage to enemies near chosen target.
Killerhertz – Electrocute causes 5% more damage per rank.

Reinhart Manx Talents

Genius!: – Reinhart’s Will is increased by 4% per rank.

Dynamic Mastery: – Enemies hit by Lightning Strike, Mirror Leap or Electrocute suffer Charged status, taking 3% additional damage per rank.

Entropic Mastery: – Foes hit by Clockwork Trap, Geometry of Annihilation, or Creative Destruction suffer Drained status losing 3% attack power per rank.

Numismatics: – The amount of money from piles of coins that Reinhart picks up is increased by 20% per rank.

Quick Thinking: – Reinhart’s Agility contributes to his Ability DPS by 10% per rank.

Eureka Moment: – Each time Reinhart inflicts a Critical Hit he recovers 2% per rank of his total Power.

Timely Escape: – Each time Reinhart dodges, he inflicts a modest slowing effect on enemies close to where he started his dodge.

Adept Spell Casting: – The Focus cost of all of Reinhart’s abilities are reduced by 4% per rank.

Shock and Awe: – Reinhart’s Charged Status effect has a 2% chance per rank to also inflict a short stun.

Ruin And Restoration: – Drained enemies, per rank, have a 2% chance per second to lose some Hit Points that are transferred to Reinhart in the form of healing.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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