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Dungeon Siege 3 Characters Guide: Anjali

Anjali is one of the playable characters in Dungeon Siege 3. She is an archon and she has the power to control fire, which makes her a redoubtable opponent in the game.

Anjali, just like LucasKatarina and Reinhart Manx, is a member of the new 10th Legion. Her in-game description offers additional information about her past:

Anjali is an archon – a legend come to life. In the old stories, archons were spirits of fire, who served the long-lost creator gods.

But Anjali was raised by friends of the Legion, and she does not know how she came to this world, or what happened to the others of her kind.

Anjali can shift freely between her human form and an incarnation of elemental fire. In human form, she fights with a staff or a spear, allowing her to fend off multiple attackers while leaping in and out of the fray.

In her fiery incarnation, she can hurl bolts of flame at ranged targets, flood areas with heat and fire, or inflict searing wounds that injure her foes over time.

The guide below, reveals the lists containing Anjali’s abilities, proficiencies and talents, as they appear in the game.

With the help of these lists, players can have a sneak peek over Anjali’s area of expertise, and decide if they should play Dungeon Siege 3 with this character.

Anjali’s Recruit Abilities

Spinning Kick:
Human Form –- Anjali leaps forward with a twirling kick, damaging all enemies in front of her.
Empowered –- When empowered, Spinning Kick knocks down all enemies struck by Anjali’s leaping attack.

Aura of Immolation:
Fire Form –- Anjali projects a heat that burns an area for 9 seconds. Enemies caught in the area take damage over time.
Empowered –- An empowered Aura of Immolation burns with greater intensity. Enemies have a chance of being stunned every second they spend trapped in her heat.

Inner Warmth:
Defensive –- Anjali enters a state of inner spiritual warmth, regenerating 50% of her health over the next 30 seconds.
Empowered –- The benefits of inner Warmth are shared with the party when the ability is empowered.

Anjali’s Legionnaire Abilities

Hurl Spear:
Human Form –- Anjali hurls her spear through the air, damaging all targets in a straight line in front of her.
Empowered –- Anjali’s empowered Hurl Spear attack inflicts higher damage and will bounce from target to target.

Summon Jackal:
Fire Form –- Anjali summons a Fire Jackal to attack and harass her foes.
Empowered –- The empowered version of Summon Jackal will detonate Anjali’s summoned pet in a deadly conflagration.

Defensive – Anjali sets her weapon ablaze, increasing her damage by adding 50% of her Will to her Attack DPS.
Empowered – When empowered, Ignite sets the weapons of all party members ablaze.

Anjali’s Master Abilities

Fall From the Heavens:
Human Form – Anjali leaps into the air and crashes down at the targeted location, dealing heavy damage to any affected enemies.
Empowered – When Empowered, Anjali’s Fall From the Heavens, creates a searing radius of damage over time at the location where she lads.

Pillar of Fire
Fire Form – Anjali summons a massive pillar of fire at the targeted location.
Empowered – When empowered, Pillar of Fire conjures a wall of flame wider and more destructive than the column of fire normally summoned.

Volatile Barrier
Defensive – Anjali is encased in a volatile magical barrier, lasting up to 30 seconds. If it absorbs 25% of her health, it will explode causing damage.
Empowered – When empowered, each member of the party is shielded by a Volatile Barrier.

Anjali’s Proficiencies

Aura of Immolation:
Fiery Presence – Each rank of Fiery Presence increases the Aura’s damage per second by 10%.
Cauterize – Anjali and any companion in the area of Aura of Immolation are slowly healed by 2% of their total Hit Points per rank.

Fall From the Heavens:
Thunderous Descent – Anjali has a 10% chance per rank in Thunderous Descent, to knock down enemies affected by Fall From the Heavens for 4 seconds.
Heaven’s Fury – Fall From the Heavens inflicts an additional 10% damage per rank.

Hurl Spear:
Blinding Strike – Enemies hit by Anjali’s Hurl Spear attack have a 5% chance, per rank, to suffer a 3 second stun.
Incendiary Javelin – Anjali’s Hurl Spear ability has a 20% chance, per rank in Incendiary Javelin, to set her opponents ablaze.

Inner Warmth:
Searing Warmth – Anjali’s Inner Warmth grants her a 10% chance, per rank in Searing Warmth, to deal damage to enemies when she is attacked in melee.
Rejuvenation Spark – When Anjali uses Inner Warmth, she immediately regains 2% of her health per rank in Rejuvenating Spark.

Pillar of Fire:
Staggering Heat – Pillar of Fire slows enemies by 15% per rank.
Relentless Inferno – Each rank increases Pillar of Fire’s damage by 10%.

Spinning Kick:
Crushing Impact – Anjali’s Sinning Kick gains a 10% chance per rank to stun enemies for 2 seconds.
Fire Dance – Spinning Kick has a 20% chance per rank to inflict a Burning damage over time effect on enemies.

Everlasting Flame – When struck, Anjali’s weapons while Ignite is in effect, creatures have a 20% chance per rank in Everlasting Fire, to be set afire.
Radiating Warmth – When Anjali damages enemies, with her weapon when it is ignited, she has a 5% chance per rank in Radiating Warmth to regain health.

Summon Jackal:
Tireless Companion – Each rank provides additional 10% bonus to the Hit Points of summoned Fire Jackals.
Canine Conflagration – Attacks from summoned Fire Jackals have a 10% chance, per rank, of inflicting a Burning damage-over-time effect.

Volatile Barrier:
Shroud of Radiance – Volatile Barrier can absorb 10% more damage per rank before collapsing.
Fiery Backlash – The explosion from Volatile Barrier’s collapse inflicts and additional 20% damage per rank.

Anjali’s Talents

Radiant Will: – Anjali receives a 5% bonus to Will per rank in Radiant Will.

Grace of Flame: – 5% of Anjali’s Agility is also applied to Block Value per rank in Grace of Flame.

Spiritual Devastation: – Anjali’s critical hits have a 4% chance to stun enemies per rank in Spiritual Devastation.

Phoenix’s Warmth: – Anjali has a 10% chance, per rank in Phoenix’s Warmth, to regenerate life when she takes damage.

Militancy: – Anjali’s Critical hits grant her additional Focus. The amount of Focus is increased with each rank in Militancy.

Radiance: – Whenever Anjali is healed, she heals an additional 4% per rank in Radiance.

Fury of Fire: – Anjali enters a combat fury after defeating opponents, that increases damage dealt for 10 seconds. Each rank increases damage dealt.

Brutality: – Anjali’s critical hits have a chance to spawn an Area of Effect attack that knocks down her opponents.

Defender’s Advantage: – When Anjali blocks an attack, she has a chance to gain Defender’s Advantage, granting her bonus damage for 10 seconds.

Reprisal: – Each time Anjali is hit, there is a 3% chance per rank that her attacker will suffer a burning over time effect.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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