Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: The Hive

The Hive is the 8th chapter in Duke Nukem Forever and the game guide below explains how to solve it.

In this chapter, Duke enters the alien hive and he must find the alien Queen.

Since the alien hive is a complex of tunnels, the walkthrough can be used by those players who are stuck, and they need help in completing this chapter.

As you can see Duke entered the alien hive.

Move forward through the tunnel on the left and destroy the alien pods, then return to the starting point.

Climb the rocks on the right and continue through the second tunnel.

Eventually you will see a large ravine. Go around it, near the wall on the right but watch your steps.

Advance and you will see a purple tunnel on your right. Enter and shoot the alien bug inside, then push it through the tunnel. This bug will open the exit door in the next area, when a tentacle will grab it.

Jump outside the tunnel, go right and right again.

Eventually, you will reach a chamber featuring a bridge in the middle and several small tentacles to the right.

Go up on the bridge and move forward through the next area, then you have to get across a large tentacle.

Destroy all alien pods you see in the purple tunnel, and continue forward.

You will enter a large hall and you will see a large stone pillar in the middle.

Go left, and open the door to the next tunnel, and then move forward.

Take out the floating alien then exit the tunnel and continue forward.

Destroy the alien eggs to clear the way and cross another bridge.

In the next area you will have to jump off a ledge and use some alien platforms as trampolines. Do it and jump on them until you reach the highest platform.

Continue through the tunnel until you see another hall and in the middle another pillar with several babes infested by aliens. Destroy them and the alien pods, then you will see another tunnel and a blocked door. The door can be opened if you push a round purple bug near the tentacle.

Enter the tunnel and push the bug back to the main hall. You will be attacked by several floating aliens. Take them out, and bring the bug near the tentacle, then continue through the door you opened.

If you manage to enter this tunnel you will finish the first part of this chapter.

When this part starts, move forward and destroy the webbed corpse, then advance.

Do the same with all the corpses in the large room, but watch out for the tentacles inside the walls.

Continue through the tunnel and you will reach a ledge. Go right and jump. Kill the floating aliens and the alien pods, and then move forward but stay near the cavern’s walls.

Open the door to the next room and jump on the platform you see on your right.

Continue through the corridors until you enter a large room with a pillar in the center. You have to jump on the pillar and climb the tentacle to reach the next floor.

When you reach the top, enter the room through the door in front of you and then go right. You will reach another chamber and on one of the walls you can see a jumping platform.

To the left, inside a small cave is the round alien bug you need, but you can’t get up there. Throw an explosive on the jumping platform and detonate it when it’s near the bug. The bug will fall and you have to push it all the way back. You will be attacked by many floating aliens.

Don’t forget the bug and eventually you will open a locked door, to the left.

After you enter the door, go left and use the jumping platform. Enter the next tunnel and follow it. Makes sure you destroy the tentacles coming from the walls.

In the next area there are two large halls. Makes sure you destroy the alien eggs and kill the infected babes. Look around for some stairs and a door.

Continue through the door and you will enter another tunnel, finishing this chapter.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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