Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Walkthrough: The Encampment Quests

After we leave Cassardis the starting zone in Dragon’s Dogma, we travel north and we reach a small base, called the Encampment.

The journey from Cassardis to the Encampment is a short one and all we have to do is to follow the path through the woods.

After we enter the base we complete the story-quest called Upon a Pawn and activate a new one, named Call of the Arisen.

Call of the Arisen as well as the quests listed below, can be completed during our visit to this new location.

One of the most important points of interest is the Command Headquarters where we can talk to Ecbal who can teach our hero new skills.

The skills cost us Discipline Points, but they are very useful and should be purchased immediately.

After we complete our discussion with Ecbal we focus our attention on the quests we can finish in this area.

All of them can be activated by examining the notice board in the eastern side of the camp, next to the gate that allows us to enter the Training Grounds.

Note: Call of the Arisen should be completed immediately; otherwise we won’t survive too much in the woods.

If we check the Enlistment Corps Base (to the west) we will find a chest near a table and some crates. Inside the chest is a journal entry that might be useful in the future.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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