Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Walkthrough: Gran Soren Quests

Gran Soren or the Capital is the third Dragon’s Dogma location we have to visit, after we run out of quests in Cassardis and the Encampment.

Unlike Cassardis, Gran Soren is a large city, with multiple vendors and inns.

The city is inhabited by rich people and merchants.

The location is in fact a stronghold, well defended by impenetrable walls, created with the purpose of protecting its residents.

Even if the city features numerous buildings, when we arrive we notice that most doors are closed.

Only few houses can be explored looking for materials, and some gold.

When we reach Gran Soren, arriving from the Encampment, where we have defeated the hydra (A Rude Awakening quest); we complete the story quest called Off With Its Head.

Ser Mercedes will take our trophy to the duke, and we will trigger a new story quest, named A Matter of Myrmidons; however at this point it is a good idea to explore the Capital and activate/complete as many side-quests as we can.

After we finish all quests, available we can advance the main story, by playing A Matter of Myrmidons.

Some of the side-quest available in Gran Soren can be activated by checking the notice board in Arsmith’s Alehouse, and later the one located in Gran Soren Union Inn.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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