Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Walkthrough: Cassardis Quests

After we complete the Dragon’s Dogma Prologue and the quest called The End at the Beginning, we are able to start the actual game, with an introductory cutscene showing our hero returning home, to a small village called Cassardis.

During the cutscene, we see a dragon attacking our village and we activate a very short quest called, Harbinger of Destruction.

This quest is completed automatically, since it is a story-quest.

Our goal is to provoke the dragon.

Note: Even if we don’t move, the events will unfold, and the quest is marked as completed.  We can’t win this fight, since the beast is far more powerful than us.

The next cutscene shows the beast ripping our hero’s heart out of his chests and eating it.

Fortunately, even without a heart the new Arisen manages to survive and after a long sleep he wakes up in Chief Adaro’s House.

A notification window informs us that Harbinger of Destruction story-quest is finished and a new one is active: Newly Arisen.

Similar to the previous quest, Newly Arisen is a short story-quest and all we have to do is to approach the table in our room and examine it. The following window allows us to choose a class/vocation for our hero.

Note: We choose the class based on our playing-style knowing that the decision we make at this point it’s very important and can’t be retraced without starting a new game.

After we investigate the room for additional items we leave and watch the next cutscene showing Quina talking to Adaro. Yes, our hero lives without a heart.

As we exit the room, the Newly Arisen quest ends, and we are free to explore Cassardis where more quests can be completed.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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