Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Upon a Pawn Quest Walkthrough

Upon a Pawn is a Dragon’s Dogma story quest automatically triggered when we reach the western gate in Cassardis.

Near the gate is a rift stone, and when we approach it, our first pawn, named Rook, appears nearby.

While the quest starts in Cassardis, to complete it we have to travel to the northern Encampment.

We begin this quest, after all side-quests in Cassardis have been completed.

We will return to the village later.


“You met a pawn, one of the race of wanderers from realms unknown. Lead this mysterious immortal to the Enlistment Corps camp.”


“Lead the pawn to the encampment, west of the village.”


We exit Cassardis through the western gate and follow the main path that connects the village and the encampment.

During our short journey we meet a traveler attacked by goblins.

We take out the goblins using our fire based attacks, then we have a small conversation with the character we have saved.

Next we push forward towards the small base and when we approach the gates, the Upon a Pawn quest ends, but a new series of quests become available in the Encampment, one of them being Call of the Arisen.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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