Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma The End At The Beginning Quest Walkthrough

The End at the Beginning is the first Dragon’s Dogma quest we have to complete. It is an introductory quest, which allows us to learn the game’s controls and the combat system.

During this quest we also learn how to access our inventory and how to equip new items.

The End at the Beginning starts as soon as we enter the game.


“The realm’s combined might was no match for the dragon. All hope rests on your shoulders as you depart for the final battle.”


“You’ve chased the dragon, to the Tainted Mountain. Fight your way to the heart of the dragon’s lair, and face all that awaits.”


As we begin the quest, our first objective is to equip a lantern. We open our inventory by pressing the Back button, and we scroll down to the Tools section. From there we select and equip the lantern.

Our first pawn in the game is a warrior named Salde. We start our exploration through the tunnel (only one path to follow), learning how to attack and how to block.

As we advance we trigger a cutscene showing a dragon. Fortunately the dragon’s breath won’t affect us, but we have to avoid the flames around us. We continue to advance through the tunnels and we meet our first opponents:  goblins.

Since we are well equipped and helped by Salde, the goblins won’t be a problem, but in the future we have to remember that they are weak against fire-based attacks.

We continue through the next tunnel and jump off a ledge. In the next area we see a round stone, and Salde asks us to touch it. When we approach the stone, we press B to examine it and we notice that two additional pawns travel through the rift. From this moment on they will be our allies, and we can issue orders using the D-Pad.

Along with our pawns we continue to fight our way through the next tunnel where we encounter a horde of goblins.

Note: If one of the pawns grabs a goblin, we attack the creature immediately to perform a finishing move.

Our journey continues, following some stairs and tunnels. Eventually, we reach the temple antechamber and we are attacked by a snow harpy.  More will spawn nearby.

Combat Tip: The harpies can put our hero and allies to sleep. If this happens we quickly move the Left-Thumbstick left and right, until the yellow bar on the screen fills up.

Using our special attacks and the explosive barrels nearby, we kill all harpies and goblins, triggering a cutscene showing several soldiers we have rescued. We use the gate they have opened to move deeper through the labyrinth.

In the next area (Grand Hall) we will encounter a different creature, which is also the first boss in the game.

When the chimaera appears in the Grand Hall we notice that the monster’s body is formed by three different beasts: the tail is a snake, the body is a goat and the head is a lion. Because of this, the boss battle has three different phases.

Phase 1: We focus our attacks on the chimaera’s tail. We keep a fair distance from the snake to avoid its attacks. When our pawns stun the chimaera, we attack the snake with our Hindsight Slash for increased damage.  After we cut the creature’s tail we focus on the goat.

Phase 2: During this phase, we attack from one side. Standing right behind the boss will result in a knock down, since the goats are well known for their ability to hit with the back legs. The Hindsight Slash will also help us as during this phase, but if we run out of stamina, we yell for help.

Phase 3: Begins when the chimaera is immobilized and the only remaining part of its body, capable to damage us, is the head.  This phase is similar to the previous one, meaning that we should avoid standing in front of the creature. From time to time the chimaera leaps forward trying to attack us.

At this point we run around the boss by pressing the LS. If we take too much damage, we yell for help, and the mage heals us. We can also check our inventory for some herbs that will restore our health and stamina. Accessing the inventory during a fight will pause the game.

After the chimaera is defeated we watch the cutscene that starts and customize our hero. The End at the Beginning ends, and we will begin our journey in a small village called Cassardis, where a new set of quests require our attention.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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