Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma A Rude Awakening Quest Walkthrough

A Rude Awakening is a Dragon’s Dogma story quest we can play after we complete Call of the Arisen, in the Encampment.

The quest giver is a woman named Mercedes, located near Ecbal’s tent. This quest features a boss battle and if we are not prepared, we should postpone it, until we level up by completing other quests in this area or Cassardis.

To activate A Rude Awakening, we have to talk to Mercedes and accept her offer to rest.

During our nap, a Hydra attacks the Encampment and we must defeat it.

Note: If we start to play this quest before A Partying Tribute, we will fail to complete the latter.


“Your night along the Enlistment Corps was restful. No so the morning: The Corp’s lack of vigilance has invited a hideous visitor.”


“Drive back the fell beast laying waste to the encampment. (You cannot leave the Corps soldiers to themselves).”


The fight against the Hydra is easier than we thought it will be, but the trick is to avoid being swallowed and help your party members.

If the giant monster eats our hero we have to restart, that’s why when the hydra grabs us, we constantly move the Thumbstick left and right.

When the yellow bar fills, the Hydra will drop our hero and we can continue to attack it. Another important aspect of this boss battle is to keep an eye on our party members and attack the Hydra’s heads when a pawn or a soldier is being swallowed. Doing so, will eventually help us deliver a final blow and cut the Hydra’s head off.

Attacking the tail will not damage the beast; therefore, we will only consume our hero’s stamina. Keeping our team-mates alive is also important, since without them, the Hydra will eventually kill us. When a pawn is downed we must hurry up and offer a hand.

After we kill the Hydra, Mercedes will congratulate us and we will activate a new story quest called: Off With Its head. If we go back to Cassardis, immediately after the battle, we can talk to Adaro to begin the quest called Lost and Found, or we can check the board at the inn, to start the Extermination quest.

Pablos also has a quest for us, called an Uninvited Guest.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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