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DmC: Devil May Cry Secret Doors Locations Guide

The DmC Secret Doors can be unlocked only by those players who manage to find the Secret Keys hidden in the video game.

Unlike the Lost Souls, the Secret Doors give access to a series of secret missions or challenges, which can be completed to receive health upgrades or other bonuses.

The video game published by Capcom, includes 21 Keys, hence there are 21 Devil May Cry Secret Doors, which unlock 21 Secret Missions.

Once unlocked, a Secret Door remains opened, even if players decide to replay one of the game’s levels; however, those who wish to replay a Secret Mission can access it from the game’s menu.

The guide below was created for those who want to find all DmC: Devil May Cry Secret Doors, in order to complete all Secret Missions, and to unlock the Let’s welcome chaos! achievement/trophy.

The locations of all DmC doors have been included in the guide, along with the locations that must be visited to acquire the Lost Souls and the Secret Keys; but players should know that not all DmC missions include Secret Doors, or Keys.

Each part provides hints and useful information that can help players who wish to finish all DMC Secret Missions by finding the keys required to open the Secret Doors. DmC: Devil May Cry features four different types of keys. When a DmC Secret Door is unlocked, players should expect to start a timed challenge.

For example, the Secret Door included in the first mission, unlocks the Secret Mission known as Air Brawl. For this challenge, Dante must kill a specific number of enemies within the time limit, but these enemies take damage only in the air.

Even if this task seems easy, players must know how to launch enemies in the air; otherwise, they will fail to complete the goal.

The Secret Missions increase in difficulty, but the rewards are very important.

At the end of the first Secret Mission, Dante receives a health fragment, required to create a health cross that will eventually increase Dante’s health bar. Our complete guide starts with Mission 1.

DmC Devil May Cry Guides
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