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DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 9 Collectables Guide

In DmC: Devil May Cry, as soon as Phineas recovers his eye at the end of the eighth DmC mission, he agrees to help Dante, and DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 9 begins.

DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 9 is also known as Devil Inside, and while playing it, you can find only four DmC collectables: one Key, one Secret Door and two Lost Souls.

While the DmC Mission 9 Secret Gold Door is quite easy to locate, the Key required to open it, is well hidden and you will have to learn a special technique to get it.

The following DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 9 collectables guide explains where to find all hidden secrets in Devil Inside, and also includes a series of screenshots along with instructions and tips on how to get all Mission 9 Lost Souls and the Gold Key.

Additionally, the guide contains a series of combat tips that can be used to complete the challenge behind the Gold Door.

Mission Name: Devil Inside

Keys: 1

Secret Doors: 1

Lost Souls: 2

Lost Soul #1

The first DmC Mission 9 Lost Soul can be found while following Phineas. Eventually, you will enter a building where you will see a fence and a blue door made of vines, on the left side of the building.

The Lost Soul is behind the fence, but to get it you must use one of Dante’s Angel Weapons to destroy the vines. Collect the first Lost Soul in Mission 9, and continue to push forward towards Bob’s tower.

Key #1 (Gold)

The DmC Mission 9 Gold Key is hard to get because of its location. After you set Asiel free, Phineas will help you reach another area of the tower.

At this point you enter a chamber where you will be ambushed. The chamber features four higher platforms and another level above them. If you climb one of the platforms you will be able to see the Gold Key, but you won’t be able to get it unless you jump high enough.

Since none of Dante’s abilities can get you to the second floor of the room, you must reach the balcony using your enemies. The fastest way to do that is to activate Devil Trigger and launch your enemies in the air. Next, pull Dante towards one of the suspended Demons and jump again.

When you reach the apex of your jump, pull the enemy towards you and jump again. Repeat these steps until you are high enough to reach the balcony with the help of a single Angel Boost.  Get the Gold Key in Mission 9 Devil Inside, then clear the area and move forward.

Lost Soul #2

Moments later, as you continue to push forward towards Bob, you will reach another building after you jump on Asiel’s statue. At the entrance of the said building, if you look through the window, you should see the second and final Devil May Cry Lost Soul in Mission 9.

To get it, go around the corner, by jumping while staying near the wall. Use the vertical arcade in the wall to your right, to reach the other side. After you get the Lost Soul enter the building and look to the other side of the room, where more Harpies spawn, to see the next collectable.

Secret Door #1 (Gold)

In the building where Dante is attacked by harpies, after you get the previous collectable, you should see the DmC Mission 9 Gold Door.

It is on the same level as Dante, and using the Gold Key acquired earlier, you will be able to unlock a new secret mission DmC: Devil May Cry Gold –Subsistence.

DmC: Devil May Cry Gold Subsistence is also a challenging mission because you have to survive waves of Demons until the time runs out. You will notice that in this mission Dante’s health bar empties, therefore killing Demons constantly is mandatory. Use the most powerful weapons in your arsenal, and make sure you avoid all attacks or Dante’s health will drop even faster.

Additionally, you have to remember that Style Points don’t matter in this arena; therefore, if you find a move that helps you kill a Demon faster, you can use it on all similar creatures.

Once you have completed the Gold Subsistence DmC Secret Mission, reunite with Phineas to finish Devil Inside and unlock the next main mission in the game, named Bad News.

During this level all you have to do is to defeat a boss. You can’t find any Lost Souls, Keys or Secret Doors in DmC Bad News. Our collectibles guide continues with Mission 11: The Order.

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