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DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 17 Collectibles Locations

DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 17 or Furnace of Souls, takes Dante one step closer to Mundus, and just like the previous mission (The Plan), while playing it, you will be able to find several collectibles.

The DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 17 collectibles included in Furnace of Souls are: one Key, one Secret Door and five Lost Souls.

Their exact locations are revealed in the DmC: Devil May Cry collectables guide below, along with hints and tips on how to get them faster.

In Furnace of Souls, Dante’s main objective is to reach Mundus’ chamber where he will reunite with Vergil.

Mission Name: Furnace of Souls

Keys: 1

Secret Doors: 1

Lost Souls: 5

Lost Soul #1

When DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 17 begins you will notice that the path in front of you splits in two, therefore you should investigate both adjacent paths, starting with the one to the right.

It is important to retrace your steps after you find the first Lost Soul. Assuming that you follow this guide, jump on the platforms to the right until you are ambushed by several shielded Demons, on a larger platform.

After you defeat them, look around for a pulling point located in the middle of the main cave. Behind it is the first Lost Soul in DmC Mission 17. Make sure you collect it, then go back to the starting point and follow the platforms on the left side of the cave.

Lost Soul #2

Several jumps away from the starting area, you will land on a platform on which you should see a wall. Pay close attention to the environmental sounds and you will hear a Lost Soul.

It is behind the wall, and it is the second DmC Lost Soul in Mission 17. Get it and move forward following the next platforms.

Lost Soul #3

Moments later after, you collect the previous Soul, you will reach a bigger platform where you will be ambushed by a large number of enemies (Brutes, Witches, etc…).

Notice the ruins and the tree in front of you. Slay the Demons, and then, while facing the wall, look to the right and several steps away you will see the third DmC 5 Lost Soul in Furnace of Souls, attached to a wall.

Get it, and then return to the area where you were ambushed and go left, through the arcade.

Key #1 (Ivory)

After you continue to push and pull multiple platforms, you will eventually have to Angel Boost through another arcade. To your right you should see a higher platform, while standing on the large rock (as pictured below).

On top of the platform is a blue door (covered by vines). Behind it you will find the DmC 5 Ivory Key hidden in Mission 17. Collect it and retrace your steps back to the long platform (notice the wall on the right side). Move towards the next large stone on the same level as the one you are standing on.

Secret Door #1 (Gold)

As you try to advance, by jumping on the next large stone, you will be ambushed by several shielded Demons. Take them out, and in the distance you will be able to locate the DmC Secret Gold Door.

Look for it on a large rook, which can be reached using several grappling points, and by pulling a platform located after the Divinity Statue (to the left).

The Gold Door in Mission 17 unlocks the secret mission named Gold – A Day in Hell.

Lost Soul #4

While moving towards the Secret Door, you will reach another platform on which you will be attacked. The platform has a wall on its right side as you land, and on it you will find another Devil May Cry Mission 17 Lost Soul.

Collect it and while standing near the wall, in front of you should be a platform that can be pulled to get to the Gold Door.

Lost Soul #5

If you continue to push towards Mundus’ chamber you will eventually come across two ledges. Cross them and you will enter an arena where you will have to fight multiple enemies.

Next, you must perform three jumps to go higher, and in the distance you will see the exit point. When you get on the next platform, to the right you will see a pillar and behind it you will find another Devil May Cry Soul.

After you take it, continue to advance and you will unlock Mission 18: Demon’s Den, in which you will find the last DmC collectibles.

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