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DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 16 Collectibles Locations

In DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 16, or The Plan, Dante, Kat and Vergil approach Mundus’ tower to shut down the Hell Gate, after the events of the previous mission, named The Trade.

During the first part of the mission, Dante must reach the said tower in a race against time; therefore, you won’t be able to find any DmC: Devil May Cry mission collectibles, but as soon as Dante enters the tower, these items will become available and it is mandatory to look for them if you wish to get a 100% completion rate in Devil May Cry Mission 16.

Twelve DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 16 collectibles locations must be visited while exploring Mundus’ tower in The Plan, and the following video game guide reveals all of them, in the same order as they appear in the video game.

The DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 16 collectables that must be acquired are: one Key, two Secret Doors and nine Lost Souls.

Mission Name: The Plan

Keys: 1

Secret Doors: 2

Lost Souls: 9

Lost Soul #1

The first DmC Mission 16 collectable is a Lost Soul. After you defeat the Dreamrunner in the first chamber of the tower, enter the next hallway and you should see a Divinity Statue.

Follow the stairs towards the elevator but don’t enter. Look to the right and you should see a wall that can be destroyed using Dante’s axe. Behind the wall you will find more stairs. Go downstairs and look for the DmC Lost Soul on the right wall. Return to the elevator, once you have it.

Lost Soul #2, Lost Soul #3, Key #1 (Gold)

Three additional DmC Mission 16 collectibles can be found after you reunite with Vergil. Eventually, Dante and Vergil separate and you will have to cross floor 87.

Advance and take the elevator to floor 105. After the elevator ride, make sure you turn right and around the corner you will find a small corridor behind a barrier crated by floating crates.

At the end of the corridor you will see the DmC Mission 16 Gold Key along with two Lost Souls. Make sure you time your moves when you try to cross the barrier to get the collectibles.

Lost Soul #4

After you escape the walls that try to squash Dante, you will enter another area of the next floor (106). When you do, you have to look around and locate a series of holes in the floor, as well as a grappling point.

Jump towards it and you will reach a lower zone where you will be ambushed. Clear it and look for a smaller room blocked by a blue door covered by vines.

Destroy the vines and collect the DmC Lost Soul on the left wall, as you enter the chamber. After you get it, remain on the same floor (lowered area), or you will miss the next two DmC 5 Lost Souls.

Lost Soul #5, Lost Soul #6

Once you have collected the fourth Devil May Cry Mission 16 Lost Soul, look around for an elevator, on the same floor (106 – lower part).

Next to it, you should see a door, and behind it you will find two Lost Souls (one on the left wall and one on the right wall). What makes these DmC 5 collectibles so hard to find, is the fact that the door won’t open unless Dante stands near it.  After you get them, use the three grappling points to reach upper part of the floor, but don’t go through the large doors.

Lost Soul #7

The seventh DmC 5 Lost Soul can be found on floor 106. To get it look for a corridor that crosses the upper part of the floor. You should notice that there are two holes on the ground and in the middle a platform that separates them. Jump on it and look for an entrance that takes you to the staircase.

Follow the stairs up to find the Lost Soul, but don’t leave the staircase.

Secret Door #1 (Gold)

The DmC Secret Gold Door is on floor 104, but it’s a blocked area. To find it, you have to reach the staircase.

Make sure that once you have collected the previous soul, you follow the stairs down and you will locate the door which unlocks the DmC: Devil May Cry Gold Extreme Traversal Secret Mission.

Lost Soul #8

After you escape tunnel with the timed lasers and defeat all Demons, you will hear Kat telling you that Vergil is waiting for you at the main elevator.

Make sure that when you exit the corridor, instead of following the path to the right (pointed by Kat), you turn left. Around a corner, on the right wall is the seventh DmC 5 Lost Soul.

Get it and follow the arrow.

Lost Soul #9

When you reunite with Vergil, you will receive a new weapon and separate again. Kat instructs you to cross a sky bridge. Follow the main hallway (you should see a Divinity Statue) and when you get to the next door (to the right), stop.

Instead of going through the door pointed by the arrow, look at the end of the hallway for the final Mission 16 Lost Soul.

Secret Door #2 (Copper)

Immediately after you cross the sky bridge, you will see another elevator (floor 154). Kat will also mention the five stories of hell.

When you do, check the floor, and you should find the DmC Secret Copper Door, around the corner, to the left, while standing in front of the elevator.

The DmC Copper Door in Mission 16 unlocks the Devil May Cry Copper Bait and Switch Secret Mission.

Complete the DmC Copper Bait and Switch Secret Mission, than take the next elevator to exit the tower. After you defeat the enemies outside, the mission ends, and you will unlock Mission 17: Furnace of Souls.

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