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DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 15 Collectibles Locations

After Dante clears Lilith’s club in DmC Mission 13, and he defeats her in Devil May Cry Mission 14, he approaches the harbor accompanied by Vergil and their hostage, Mundus’ mistress Lilith, in order to trade her for Kat.

DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 15, also known as The Trade, starts with a cutscene showing Mundus’ soldiers releasing Kat.

At the same time, Dante releases Lilith; but Vergil decides to break their deal by killing Lilith and Mundus’ unborn child along with her.

After a short fight, Vergil, Dante and Kat manage to escape; however, from distance, Mundus who supervised the trade drags Dante back to Limbo, while Kat and Vergil remain in the real world, trying to leave the harbor.

When DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 15 begins, you have to remember that the level is similar to the first part of the sixth mission, named Secret Ingredient.

In other words, it is a timed DmC mission and you will have to move as quickly as possible to clear the path for Vergil and Kat.

Only two DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 15 collectibles can be found while playing The Trade, and their locations are revealed below.

Both DmC: Devil May Cry collectibles in The Trade are Copper Keys which allow you to unlock Secret Copper Doors.

There are no Lost Souls in Mission 15 of the video game; therefore, you don’t have to spend time looking for them.

Mission Name: The Trade

Keys: 2

Secret Doors: 0

Lost Souls: 0

Key #1 (Copper)

The first DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 15 Copper Key can be located and collected after you pull the first container to clear the path for Vergil’s car.

Eventually, you will have to jump on his vehicle to continue. While standing on top of the car, facing the next containers (notice the red spot you have to hit using Dante’s gloves) turn left and you should see a small yard, filled with even more containers, most of them blue.

If you take a closer look, you will be able to spot the DmC Copper Key behind one of the blue containers. Angel Boost from Vergil’s car to the said yard, and get the key, then return to the red containers and hit them using Dante’s Eryx.

Key #2 (Copper)

After you complete the race on the streets, you will reach another area where you will have to pull a bus towards you. Once you do, while standing on the bus, turn left and you should see a platform, and on top of it the second Devil May Cry Copper Key in Mission 2.

To get it Angel Boost from the bus towards the key, and jump on the containers on the left side of the platform to reach the collectible. When the key is in your possession, complete the mission to unlock the next one in line, named The Plan.

DmC Devil May Cry Guides
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