Dishonored 2 Mission 1 Collectibles

Dishonored 2 Mission 1 Collectibles Locations Guide

Dishonored 2 Mission 1 Collectibles
Tower District Map

There are many Dishonored 2 collectibles that can be found while playing the stealth action-adventure video game developed by Arkane Studios for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Dishonored 2 collectibles can be divided in the following categories: Runes, Bonecharms, Paintings and Blueprints.

The Runes are the most valuable collectables of the bunch and have an important role, similar to the previous Dishonored game.

Using them you can upgrade your character’s abilities or powers, regardless if you choose to play with Emily or Corvo. You can use an artifact known as The Heart to track down the Runes. Some Runes are stacked onto Outsider Shrines.

Another category of Dishonored 2 collectibles refers to the Bonecharms, which are small items that can be equipped to grant minor supernatural benefits. They can be located by listening to the sound they emit or by using The Heart.

By default, only 5 Bone Charms can be activated at once, but the number can increase after buying specific upgrades.

The Paintings are somewhat important, given the fact that the only bonus they provide is in the form of cash. However, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra money when you visit a store.

Lastly, the Blueprints speak for themselves. As the name implies, you can use them to craft upgrades for your weapons and equipment, upgrades that are otherwise unavailable. That makes them very important for every player, no matter the playstyle.

The blueprints are blue in color, but they don’t show up if you use the Heart, hence they are highly missable.

You can find the first collectibles in the game while playing Dishonored 2 Mission 1, which is named A Long Day in Dunwall. However, only two collectibles can be found in the mission.

The game begins with the 15th anniversary of Empress Jessamine’s death, Emily Kaldwin’s mother. People from across the Empire gathered inside the Dunwall Tower for the occasion. Corvo Attano, the protagonist of Dishonored and Emily’s father, is also present at the event.

Emily and Corvo are worried about the “Crown Killer”, an assassin that targets enemies of the crown and tries to blame them for his actions.

However, the ceremony is interrupted by the Duke of Serkonos, which brings a peculiar gift, Delilah Kaldwin, the lost sister of Jessamine Kaldwin. The events take a dark turn as the people in the hall are assassinated and you are forced to choose your playable character.

The mission takes place in Dunwall, although the bulk of the game is focused on Karnaca, a new city developed for Dishonored 2. The objective is to escape the city by meeting with a boat captain down at the docks.

The following Dishonored 2 Mission 1 guide reveals the locations of the collectibles in the same order as in the game, using a series of text hints and images. Additionally, we have included at the end of the guide a YouTube video from our playlist which shows how to get these collectables.

Mission 1 – A Long Day in Dunwall Collectibles Locations

Painting #1

The first Dishonored 2 collectible in Mission 1 can be found after you recover the Imperial Signet Ring and you use it to escape the Tower through the secret vault.

As soon as you reach the Dunwall Streets area, head across the corridor to find the Painting on a small cabinet to your right.

Dishonored 2 Mission 1 Painting #1
Painting #1

Painting #2

The second Painting can be found in the Galvani building. As you drop down from the roofs you find the first enemy combatants in the streets. On the left side of the area, while facing the harbor, is a building that can be accessed using a large double door (look for a large statue at the entrance).

Head inside and go through the door on your left. The Dishonored 2 Painting is hung above the fireplace. Beneath the painting is the code for the safe that is in the same room.

Dishonored 2 Mission 1 Painting #2
Painting #2

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