Deus Ex Mankind eBook 39 Location

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Mission 5 eBook Location Guide

Similar to Side Mission 2, Main Mission 5, named Claiming Jurisdiction, includes only one Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBook, which has to be found for the Tablet Collector trophy/achievement.

The following tutorial is the 5th part in our complete Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks locations guide, and was created in order to help you find the eBook collectible while playing Claiming Jurisdiction.

Before moving forward, we will assume that you collected the eBook in Mission 1, as well as the eBooks in Mission 2, and the eBooks that become available in Prague during your first visit.

If you also found the eBook collectable in Side Mission 2, now it’s time to focus on Mission 5, but if you didn’t, make sure you play the second Side Mission when you first arrive in Prague.

Claiming Jurisdiction takes place in Ruzicka Station, which can be reached by travelling from any subway terminal.

When you arrive, talk to Smiley who will explain what you have to do. After the briefing you will find out that you have to locate a crime scene inside the station and retrieve an evidence.

While completing the required objectives, you also need to look for the 39th Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBook collectible.

eBook #39 – The Sleepwalking World

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided The Sleepwalking World eBook is located inside Ruzicka Station, but to get it you have to reach level 2 of the building.

How you approach this mission is not important if you wish to get the collectible, as long as you get to the second level of the station as you can see in the first picture below.

Keep in mind that you have to place Adam in the exact position as you see in the said screenshot. Furthermore, Adam must face the Main Hall. This position will help us guide you straight to the eBook.

Now, from the location depicted in the first picture, move towards the Main Hall, and after you get through the first door, head right, entering the Dazzle bookstore.

Once you enter, take a right turn and look on the ground for a crime scene. You should see a police drawing which shows the location of a dead body, and the eBook you are looking for.

Read it and focus on the remaining objectives.

Should you encounter difficulties in completing the mission, feel free to watch our stealth video walkthrough on YouTube.

The next mission that includes a large number of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks is Mission 7: The Rucker Extraction.

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