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Deus Ex Human Revolution Game Guide: Corporations and Factions List

Deus Ex Human Revolution, the video game developed by Eidos Montreal also features multiple corporations and factions, which fight against each other for world domination.

Some of these corporations search for new augmentations, while others try to hire hackers and criminal groups to eliminate the competition.

In this war, Adam Jensen plays an important role, as well as all fans of the game that have purchased Deus Ex Human Revolution.

The following game guide offers additional information for the most notable factions and corporations involved in the game’s story line.


Sarif Industries

Sarif Industries is an important corporation featured in Deus Ex Human Revolution. It was founded in 2007 by David Sarif and it’s located in Detroit.

The company is focused on researching and manufacturing mechanical augmentations used for human implants.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Sarif Industries also serves as a workplace for the game’s protagonist ( Adam Jensen) and other NPCs (non-playing characters): Megan Reed (Adam’s ex-girlfriend), Francis Pritchard, and Athene Margoulis.

Picus TV

Picus TV is a television station controlled by Picus Group, a corporation from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The company’s headquarters are located in Montreal, and its founder is Martin Darrow.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Picus TV is represented by Eliza Cassan, a NPC and a newsreader.

Versalife Group

Versalife Group is a company controlled by Page Industries, a corporation founded by Bob Page VersaLife’s headquarters are in Hong Kong and the company is specialized in researching and producing vaccines, nano-viruses and nano-augmentations.

Kaiga Incorporated

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Kaiga Incorporated is a company focused on producing weapons and ammunition.

Some weapons and other related items manufactured by Kaiga Incorporated are: the M404 Machine Gun, the Stasiuk Arms Xbow XHII bolts and the Steiner Bisley MPRS rockets.

Steiner Bisley

Another corporation specialized in weapons manufacturing is Steiner-Bisley, from Germany. The German company also produces robots, and the headquarters are in Düsseldorf.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the corporation provides weapons such as the Longsword Whisperhead, the FR-27 SFR and the LGTM Linebacker G-87.

L.I.M.B. International

L.I.M.B. International is a Deus Ex: Human Revolution corporation founded by Haydon Suyong. L.I.M.B. International controls all L.I.M.B. clinics around the world, clinics that can be visited by players who wish to purchase Praxis Kits or other augmentations for the main character.


Connaught is an Asian weapons manufacturer responsible for developing the P.E.P.S. energy weapon available in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Mustang Arms Ad-Tech Ltd.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mustang Arms is a corporation which produces handguns. The most notable model is the Diamond Back .357, one of the most powerful revolvers in the game.

Stasiuk Arms Inc.

Stasiuk Arms Inc. is known in Deus Ex: Human Revolution for producing the TMP-18 submachine gun.


Motokun is a vehicle manufacturer in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. They are known for producing the military truck used by FEMA.

Other Corporations

Belltower Associates
Tai Yong Medical
XNG Shipping
Xenon Home Entertainment
Jing Ye Co.
Soloto Entertainment & Technology
Omega Ranch
Sharp Edge PMC (Private Military Company)
Caidin Global
Laredo Manufacturing
Darrow Industries
Military Arms of Ostrava (MAO)
Page Industries
Britannia Resolutions


Humanity Front

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution the Humanity Front is a Purist faction founded by Bill Taggart.

As a Purist group, the Humanity Front fights against human-augmentation, and against the corporations that manufacture these implants (such as Sarif Industries).

Purity First

Purity First is another anti-augmentation group from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but it was founded Zeke Sanders. During one mission, Zeke Sanders takes over a manufacturing plant located in Milwaukee, and Adam Jensen is sent by his employer to solve the incident.

The interesting fact about Zeke Sanders is that in the past, he used an augmentation to replace an eye he lost in the war; but later he removed it, stating that because of the implant he received, he did some terrible things.


The Tyrants is a faction that appears during the attack on Sarif Industry in the beginning of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Adam Jensen is almost killed in the attack, but he escapes and he is saved after a long medical procedure.

Unfortunately, his former girlfriend, Megan, as well as other notable scientists, die in the incident.

The Tyrants is a group formed by Jaron Namir, and in secret they work for the Illuminati; however they also perform other operations without asking too many questions.

The group’s name means “One who takes control with their own actions” (Latin: “Tyrannus”). Other notable characters affiliated to this faction are: Lawrence Barrett, Yelena Fedorova and Scott Hardesty.

Other Factions

Singularity Faith of the Machine God

Stolchinaya Bratva

Juggernaut Collective



New Sons of Freedom

The Triads

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