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Deus Ex Human Revolution Game Guide: Characters List

Deus Ex Human Revolution includes a large number of non-playing characters (NPCs) that may affect the game’s story line.

The video game guide below reveals these characters offering additional information regarding their past, and the roles they play in the game.

Starting with the game’s main character, Adam Jensen, and ending with characters that appear only once in the game, our Deus Ex: Human Revolution video game guide explains why some characters are more important than others.

Characters List

Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen is the main character in Deus Ex Human Revolution. Born in 1993, Adam Jensen works as a Security Consultant at Sarif Industries, but in the past he was a cop, and later a Swat specialist. Adam Jensen has dark hair and in the game he is voiced by Elias Toufexis.

When the game starts, players will meet the non-augmented version of the character; but after the introductory mission, which presents an attack on Sarif Industries, the character suffers multiple mechanical augmentations.

His boss, David Sarif tries to save Jensen’s life by providing several implants such as the Retinal Prosthesis, the Infolink Implant, and later, the Cybernetic Arms Augmentation.

One of the scientists killed during the attack on Sarif Industries, is Jensen’s former girlfriend, Doctor Megan Reed.

David Sarif

Born in 1970, David Sarif is the founder of Sarif Industries and an important character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is Adam Jensen’s boss, but unlike the main character he already has several augmentations applied to his body, on his right arm.

David Sarif appears for the first time in the game during the attack on his company, when he is preparing to leave for Washington.

Even if he isn’t hurt during the attack, he plays an important role in Adam’s survival, because he insists to save him with the help of several augmentations. David Sarif is voiced in the game, by Steve Shellen.

Megan Reed

Megan Reed is Adam Jensen’s ex-girlfriend and a character featured in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Even if her role in the game is minimal, since she dies after the first mission, Megan Reed’s name appears multiple times, especially in emails and during Jensen’s dialogues with other characters.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Megan Reed is voiced by Michelle Boback, and she was born in 1995. She was hired by David Sarif to supervise the neuro-scientific augmentation research team, and she was the one who recommended Adam Jensen to David Sarif.

In the first mission when Sarif Industries is attacked by the Tyrants, she tries to defend Adam, but she is killed by one of the mercenaries.

Francis Pritchard

Francis Wendell Pritchard or simply Francis Pritchard is also a key-character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Born in 1991, Francis Pritchard is the manager of Sarif’s cyber security division and he is voiced by Andreas Apergis.

Players will meet Francis Pritchard in the first mission of the game, and he is the one who gives advices to Adam Jensen, through the Infolink Augmentation.

In the game, Francis Pritchard develops a rivalry for Jensen and he mentions multiple times that he wanted a security team from Dynacore, Sharp Edge or Belltower, instead of Adam.

Arie van Bruggen

Arie van Bruggen is a freelancer hacker that appears in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is also known as Windmill and players will meet him later in the game, as being the one who remotely controls an augmented hacker, named Yune.

Athene Margoulis

Athene Margoulis is a female character from Deus Ex: Human Revolution and she is voiced by Susan Glover. She plays the role of David Sarif’s Executive Assistant and she was born in 1970. Being one of Sarif’s best friends, Athene Margoulis always tries to protect him.

Athene is also an augmented character, and she is equipped with an eye augmentation and a Computer Assisted Social Interaction Enhancer.

Eliza Cassan

Eliza Cassan is the Picus TV newsreader character from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Players can see her on TV, presenting the latest news; however later in the game, they must visit her at her network.

She has black hair and green eyes, and she is voiced by Kim Bubbs.

Ezekiel Sanders

Ezekiel Sanders or Zeke Sanders is a member of the Purity First organization and a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He appears during the attack on the Sarif Industries plant in Milwaukee, an attack that must be stopped by Adam Jensen.

Players can identify Zeke Sanders by the eye-patch he’s wearing and they will encounter him at the end of the mission. During the scene, Adam Jensen can kill Zeke Sanders or he can let him go.

Depending on the player’s choice, Zeke Sanders may be removed from the game or, he may return later with some useful information.

Faridah Malik

Faridah Malik works for Sarif Industries and she is a pilot. Born in 2002, the character is voiced by Paula Jean Hixson and she appears near the VTOL aircraft used for transportation by Adam Jensen.


Grayson is an arms dealer located in Detroit in a gas station near the LIMB Clinic. In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, he is voiced by Harry Standjofski. Players who wish to buy or sell weapons or ammunition should visit him.

Greg Thorpe

Greg Thorpe works for Sarif Industries and he can be found during the mission in Milwaukee. Voiced by Don Jordan, Greg Thorpe plays a minor role in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is one of the hostages inside the manufacturing plant that must be secured by Adam

Hugh Darrow

Hugh Darrow is David Sarif’s friend and his mentor. In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Hugh Darrow is voiced by Arthur Holden, and he can be identified by a leg augmentation that can be observed on his body.

Born in 1973, Hugh Darrow won a Nobel Prize and he is well known for his work in robotics and human augmentations.

Jack O’Malley

Jack O’Malley is a corrupt police officer featured in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In a mission, Jenny Alexander asks Adam to find clues that will eventually incriminate Jack O’Malley for dealing with criminals.

Jaron Nemir

Born in 1993, Jaron Nemir is an augmented soldier and the field commander of the Tyrants. He is equipped with multiple augmentations that were implanted on his torso, arms, and eyes.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the character is voiced by Michael Rudder and he is using a Diamond Back .357 revolver.

Jenny Alexander

Jenny Alexander works as an undercover police officer, and she is one of Adam’s friends. In one mission, she asks Adam to find clues on Jack O’Malley. Players can find her after they secure the neural hub, near the Chiron Building.

Joseph Manderley

Joseph Manderley is a character from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but he appeared for the first time in Deus Ex. In Human Revolution the character is voiced by John Gault and he was the director of UNATCO . Joseph Manderley died in 2052.

Josie Thorpe

Josie Thorpe works for Sarif Industries and she is the manager of the manufacturing plant located in Milwaukee. In Deus Ex: Human Revolution she is voiced by Amanda Strawn.

Lawrence Barrett

Lawrence Barrett is a character from Deus Ex: Human Revolution and one of the game’s antagonists. He was born in 1982, and he is a member of the Tyrants group. The character is voiced by Al Goulem, and he is equipped with multiple augmentations, that can be observed on his jaw and his arms.

Neil Townsend

Neil Townsend appears in Deus Ex: Human Revolution as a Swat member and the commander of the police troops dispatched at Sarif’s Industries plant in Milwaukee.


Another arms dealer located in the Detroit area of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is Seurat. The character is voiced by Andreas Apergis and he can be visited by players who wish to purchase additional weapons and ammo.

Tong Si Hung

Tong Si Hung is a boss character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Born in 1958 and voiced by Dennis Akiyama, Tong Si Hung is a member of the Heng Sha Triads and he runs a club named The Hive.

Vasili Sevchenko

Vasili Sevchenko is one of the scientists that worked for Sarif Industries. Players can see him while he presents the Typhoon Explosive System, to General O’Neill, in the beginning of the game.

He is voiced by Matt Holland and he was born in 1987.

Wayne Haas

Wayne Haas is one of Jensen’s friends and a police officer. In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, he must be convinced to open the door which grants access to the city’s morgue.

Players can find him near the entrance, behind his office. He has blonde hair and brown eyes. The character is voiced Marcel Jeannin.

Yelena Fedorova

Yelena Fedorova plays an important role in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, since she is a senior member of the Tyrants. Born in 1999, Yelena Fedorova is voiced by Leni Parker and her weapon is a Hurricane TMP-18.

Fedorova is an augmented character, being equipped with a Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis, a Cloaking System and a Typhoon Explosive System. The character also appears in Deus Ex: Icarus Effect.

Zhao Yun Ru

Another significant character featured in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is Zhao Yun Ru. She is a businesswoman and founder of Tai Yong Medical, a company that practically controls the Heng Sha area.

Players will observe that Zhao Yun Ru is a sophisticated woman and a ruthless leader. She prefers to destroy her competition by hiring hackers to steal secrets and even mercenaries to kill anyone who dares to oppose her.

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