Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Playoff Hidden Secrets Guide

Playoff, or the tenth scene of the second Deadlight act, starts when we reach the Coliseum at the end of the previous scene.

Playoff is a very important scene when it comes to collecting all Deadlight hidden secrets, because while playing it we can find one of the three hidden handhelds included in the video game.

In this case, the retro game is Sport Daisy, which is the second Deadlight handheld.

The following Deadlight guide explains where to find this collectible along with all hidden secrets featured in Deadlight: Playoff scene.

Playoff Scene Description

“Ben! The New Law has abducted him. Left him for tortured and dead. The poor old man saved my life and this is the thanks he gets? I’ve got to save him!”

Hidden Collectibles

Total number of hidden collectibles: 4

Hidden Secrets: 2

Diary Pages: 1

Handhelds: 1

Diary Page

The first collectible in Deadlight: Playoff is a Diary Page. The collectable is very easy to find, because it is located in the starting area. We make sure that as soon as we begin the scene, we descend the stairs, and then turn left.

At the end of the tunnel is an ice cream machine. Inside we can find the Diary Page in Deadlight: Playoff. We take it, and move forward.

First Hidden Secret

After we find Parker and the shotgun, we continue to advance through a series of rooms, filled with lockers. As we move from one room to another, we continue to kill the Shadows lurking around and eventually, we come across a corridor where we find the first hidden secret in Deadlight: Playoff.

It is on the ground, inside a locker and it can’t be missed if we walk instead of running. After we find it, we continue to push forward, until we exit on the other side. When we do, we stop, to find the final hidden secret and the second Deadlight handheld.

NOTE: When we reach the right side of the stadium, instead of going left, we climb the black crate and go up, following the stairs.

Second Hidden Secret

The second Deadlight: Playoff hidden secret is on the first floor, of the right side of the stadium.  To find it, we look for a corpse hanged near a fence. The hidden secret is a letter. After we get it, we remain on the same floor and move the highlighted shelf so we can ascend the stairs.

NOTE: Moving the said shelf is the only way to find the second Deadlight handheld.


On the second floor of the right side of the stadium, we continue to move up, and shoot the locker to unlock a ladder. We jump on it and start running, because the platforms we sit on will soon start to fall. We don’t stop until we reach the other side, and inside a brown box, we will find the Deadlight Sport Daisy handheld.

After we get the final collectible in this scene, we retrace our steps, and go back down, where Parker awaits. After the cutscene we will unlock the next scene in Deadlight, called simply Emergencies.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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