Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide: Welcome to Seattle

In Deadlight, Welcome to Seattle is the third scene of the first act, and while playing this part we can find three hidden secrets.

In the following Deadlight guide, we reveal the location of each hidden collectibles in Welcome to Seattle, a scene that follows the events of the previous level.

Welcome to Seattle Scene Description

„This is what’s left of our world. A dying oasis. No more water. No more life. The war between man and shadows. Devastation. The interstate is full of the abandoned vehicles that were trying to escape the city. A shortcut to the Safe Point can be found on the other side of the road.”


Total number of hidden collectibles: 3

Hidden secrets: 3

Secret 1

As soon as we reach the highway, in the starting zone, we have to jump over an electric field, while sliding down on a ramp.

We avoid the field and move forward, until we reach a new gap. We make sure we don’t jump over it, because we will miss the first hidden secret.  It is the I.D of a stranger, and can be collected by interacting with the victim’s corpse.

After we get it, we push forward.

Secret 2

Moments later, as we advance, we will unlock a new avatar for our profile, and eventually, we will reach a fence. When we do, we can see a tutorial teaching us how to turn around on fences. In front of the first fence, is an electricity post.

We make sure we check the box near the post to get the second hidden collectible in Welcome to Seattle, then we jump over the fence, nearby.

Secret 3

The third and final Deadlight secret collectible in the third scene of the first act, can be found inside a small chamber from where a zombie breaks free. After we trick the zombie, we enter the room, and eventually we can see a shopping cart.

We investigate the cart, grab the collectible, and continue to play the scene until we reach Sal’s Junkyard (Outskirts), several seconds later.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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