Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide: Left Behind

Left Behind is the first scene of the first act in Deadlight. It is an introductory scene, which reveals the main character of the video game, Randall Wayne.

The action in Deadlight takes place in a post-apocalyptic Seattle, infested by zombies.

Randall is one of the survivors, and his goal is to find his family. While playing Left Behind, we learn how to control Randall, and how to interact with items, and the environment.

We can also find 4 hidden Deadlight collectibles. Three of them are Hidden Secrets and one is a Diary Page.

The following guide explains where to look for them and how to get them in a single playthrough.

Left Behind Scene Description

“Karla died in the abandoned warehouse today. She’d been bitten and I had to end it before she created chaos for us. The Shadows heard the gunshot and rushed the shelter. The group got split up. I have to escape this warehouse and find them. Most of all, I have to find my family.” 


Total number of hidden collectibles: 4

Hidden Secrets: 3

Diary Pages: 1

Note: The first hidden secret in Left Behind is automatically added to our inventory, as soon as the game starts.

Secret 2

The second hidden secret in the first scene of the first act is on Karla’s body.

We grab it in the starting zone, by approaching Karla and by interacting with her corpse.

After we collect it, we go outside and enter the next building, by kicking a door.

Diary Page

After we cross the next warehouse we hurry up and climb some stairs to escape the zombies on the ground.

When we reach the second floor, we can hear a radio transmission.  We exit the room, and then we check the locker outside to find  Randall’s first Diary Page.

Secret 3

We continue to advance and jump from one platform to another, until we see a large crate. We can push the crate, to create and exit point; however, we interact with it, only after we check the body located at the end of the platform we are standing on.

The body carries the I.D of a stranger, which is the last hidden secret in the first scene. We take it, and then we continue to advance. The next scene is Scene 2-The End Of The Tunnel.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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