Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Collectibles Guide: The Den

After we complete The Collector, in Deadlight we reach The Den, the fourth scene of the second act.

While playing Deadlight: The Den we must find four collectibles.

All collectibles in The Den are hidden secrets, and in the following video game guide we reveal their locations.

The Den starts as soon as we find The Rat at the end of the scene called The Collector. The Rat and Randall use an elevator to reach a higher level in the sewers.

The Den Scene Description

“The Rat is unlike any other survivor I’ve met. He’s an old quack probably an engineer of some sort and below the rubble he’s built his own world. But the peace down here is deceptive. The place is full of traps. Deadly looming traps ready to kill you the moment you set your foot in the wrong place.”

Hidden Secrets

Total number of hidden collectibles: 4

Hidden Secrets: 4

Hidden Secret 1

The first hidden item is a Congressional Medal of Honor. We can find it as soon as we enter the Den, but to get it we have to smash the planks that block an entrance. The item is located inside a red box up on a shelf.

We hit the box using our slingshot, then collect the item and ascend to the next floor. 

Hidden Secret 2

When we reach the second floor of the Den, we can also find the second collectible which is very well hidden. To get it, we make sure we investigate the chamber to the left. The Rat will also go inside, and we can find a medkit on the ground.

The room features a secret entrance behind a large crate. First we climb the crate, and then we crouch and enter the secret room. The item is a Polaroid camera containing the picture of a young boy (son of The Rat). We exit through the same hole, and advance.

Hidden Secret 3

The third collectible is the photo of a young armed soldier. We can find it while ascending through the Den, trying to reach the surface; however, the hidden secret is behind a crate. First we pull the crate, and then we pick up the photo.

Next, we place Randall and the crate on the moving platform, and using the slingshot we activate it, and go up.

Tip: The crate we have moved plays a very important role in solving the next series of puzzles.

Hidden Secret 4

The final collectible in Deadlight: The Den Scene is an old illustration of the Nine Circles of Hell (The Divine Comedy by Dante Aligheri).

We find this collectible after we solve several puzzles using the crate mentioned above. The hidden secret is located in a room, to the left, while standing near the platform where we have dropped the crate.

We pick it up, and then exit The Den accompanied by The Rat. The fifth scene, called Ascend, begins moments later.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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