Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Collectibles Guide: The Collector

The Collector is the third Deadlight scene featured in the second act, known as The Hunters.

The Collector, unlike the previous scene of the video game, includes only one collectible, which is a hidden secret.

Deadlight: The Collector begins after we meet The Rat, if we manage to escape his traps.

Eventually, Randall finds a slingshot and goes deeper into the sewers.

The following video game guide, reveals the location of the hidden secret included in this scene, and explains how to get it.

The Collector Scene Description

“These sewers are amazing. They’ve been transformed by this hobo. I’m sure he’s crazy but he’s build a kingdom for himself down here. It’s not what I would have done, but it’s a fortress in a world where there’s little safety left.

I guess that’s what it all comes down to in the end? The choices we make. They say everything about who we are. And some of us choose to hide.”

Hidden Secrets

Total number of hidden collectibles: 1

Hidden Secrets: 1

Hidden Secret

The hidden collectible in Deadlight: The Collector scene is a disgusting necklace made from rat bones. This important item, can be found after we escape the starting zone by dislocating the crate on the ceiling using our slingshot, and by pushing it to clear the ramp in front of us.

We slide down on the ramps and jump over more spikes, and then we will eventually enter a vertical tunnel.

We drop down from one rope to another, avoiding more spikes, and we will land on a small platform made of wood.

While standing on this specific platform, we turn left and we can notice a small entrance in the left wall.

We jump from the platform and enter the hidden chamber where we can see a Shadow consuming its victim.

The corpse carries the collectible we are looking for. We approach the corpse knowing that the Shadow won’t attack us, and collect the hidden item, and then we exit through the same hole.

We continue to explore the sewers, following The Rat. When we regroup with the old man, the scene ends and we will reach The Den, which is the fourth Deadlight scene.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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