Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Collectibles Guide: Ascend

After we complete The Den, in Deadlight the video game, we start a new scene, named Ascend.

The Deadlight: Ascend scene is the fifth scene of the second act, and it includes 3 collectibles, all of them being hidden secrets.

In the following Deadlight game guide we explain where to look for these collectibles, and how to find them, in order to get a 100 % completion rate.

Ascend Scene Description

“It sounds like the Rat was following us from the moment we entered Seattle. He’s offered me a deal. Save his son and he’ll tell me where to find my friends and family. I’ll have to make my way through the subway station to get topside and find his boy. It’s a fair deal. He did save my life.”

Ascend Hidden Secrets

Total number of hidden collectibles: 3

Hidden Secrets: 3

Hidden Secret 1

We can find the first collectible in Ascend, after we leave the starting area, and escape the traps set by the Rat in the next tunnel. The hidden secret is in the large room where we can observe a suspended wagon.

To get it, we cross the area, and look for a hidden room to the right. To enter the room we break the planks at the entrance, and once we get inside we check the corpse on the ground. We pick it up, and then continue to push forward.

Hidden Secret 2

As we continue to advance and ascend, we follow a tunnel to the right, and avoid more traps. When we enter the next area, a door closes behind us, and we can notice another flooded zone.

The next collectible is located in a hidden chamber that can be accessed only after we lower the water. We use the lever on the central pipe to lower the water, and then we go left, and look for a hidden tunnel. We crouch and enter the room, where we find the Deadlight collectible.

After we get it, we continue to advance, using the crate behind the breakable planks (on the right side), as a floating bridge.

Ascend Hidden Secret 3

The final collectible in Deadlight: Ascend, can be located inside a train cart we have to cross to reach the exit. The hidden secret is on the ground, and it can’t be missed if we pay attention to the environment.

Once we get the hidden secret we move towards the sewers’ exit, avoiding the Shadows that wait for us. When we climb the final ladder, using the crate nearby, Ascend ends, and the next scene (Tree House) begins.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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