Dead Space 3 Chapter 2 Artifact 1 Location

Dead Space 3 Chapter 2 Collectibles Locations

On Your Own is the name of Chapter 2 in Dead Space 3, the video game. Following the events in Chapter 1, Isaac is now on board of the ship U.S.M. Eudora.

He must speak with Captain Norton to find the answers he is looking for.

There are two Dead Space 3 collectibles in the mission known as On Your Own, and the next guide features screenshots and tips that reveal their exact locations.

Those who wish to achieve a 100% completion rate in a single playthrough should follow our Dead Space 3 chapter 2 collectibles guide and look for them in the same order as the one presented below.

Mission Description

U.S.M. Eudora “Isaac and Carver have escaped the Unitologist attack on the Lunar Colony. Safely aboard Norton’s ship, the Eudora, they are now en route to the farthest reaches of space on a mission to find Ellie Langford and her crew.”

Collectibles Guide

Hidden collectibles available: 2

Artifacts: 1

Logs: 1

Log #1 (Audio Log)

As soon as you gain control over the character, you walk forward and on the right side is a wall with a small retractable desk.

On the desk you can play the first and only Dead Space 3 Chapter 2 Log.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 2 Log 1 Location
Log 1 – Audio Log

Artifact #1 (Earth Gov Artifact 02)

After you listen the Dead Space 3 Chapter 2 Log, you continue towards the waypoint until you reach a crossroad on the deck below ( just before the door that leads to the main bridge).

Here, instead of following the locator, you head inside the corridor on your right, in the opposite direction from the objective (the corridor where you can see a blue hue outside the windows).

At the end of the corridor you should see in a corner the only Dead Space 3 Chapter 2 Artifact.

It is the final Dead Space 3 collectible in the second chapter.

Next, you return to the bridge to trigger a cutscene. At the end of the sequence where you control Isaac in outer space, Chapter 3 begins.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 2 Artifact 1 Location
Artifact 1 – EarthGov
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