Dead Space 3 Chapter 15 Weapon Part 1 Location

Dead Space 3 Chapter 15 Collectibles Locations

Chapter 15, also known as A Change of Fortune, is a short mission featured in the video game, and it only includes 2 Dead Space 3 collectibles.

Following the events of Chapter 14, Isaac has now all the parts to reconstruct Rosetta and uncover the real truth that stands behind the Markers on Tau Volantis.

Even if the mission features only two Dead Space 3 collectables, they can be overlooked considering how the mission unfolds and the fact that one collectable can also be acquired in the previous chapter.

Therefore, the following Dead Space 3 Chapter 15 Collectibles’ guide explains what to do in each case, showing players the exact location of each collectable.

Mission Description

Rosetta Lab “With the pieces of Rosetta returned, Isaac, Ellie, and Carver can now finally assemble the Codex. This missing link should allow them to interface with and shut down the Machine, and ultimately, destroy the Necromorphs forever.”

Collectibles Guide

Hidden collectibles available:  2

Weapon Parts: 2

Weapon Part #1 (Rip Core)

After things go haywire when you discover the truth by assembling the alien named Rosetta, you and Carver must escape the lab and catch Danik who’s trying to get to the Machine.

Therefore, you follow your locator until you are outside, in the snow, on the path that leads to the Geology Sector (you walked before on this path in the previous chapter).

Once you’re outside, you get rid of the soldiers and then you look at the box/crate next to the bridge/catwalk.

On the box it should be the first Dead Space 3 Chapter 15 Weapon Part, unless you picked it up already in the previous chapter, when you first crossed this path.

Regardless, the weapon part should count as collected in your progress and unlocks menu.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 15 Weapon Part 1 Location
Part 1 – Rip Core

Weapon Part #2 (Flame Glaze)

Next, you follow the waypoint until you head through the burning door.

You enter the security room, and on the desk below the monitors is the second Dead Space 3 Chapter 15 Weapon Part.

Shortly after that, Chapter 16 begins when you catch up with Danik.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 15 Weapon Part 2 Location
Part 2 – Flame Glaze
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