Dead Space 3 Chapter 1 Artifact 2 Location

Dead Space 3 Chapter 1 Collectibles Locations

Dead Space 3 Chapter 1 called Rude Awakening takes place on New Horizons Lunar Colony, 200 years later after the events in Prologue.

The mission begins in Isaac’s Apartment, where Isaac Clarke is attacked by two men who have a job proposition for him. Chapter 1 features four Dead Space 3 collectibles that must be located by players, two Artifacts and two Logs.

The complete Dead Space 3 Chapter 1 collectibles guide below reveals the locations of each artifacts and logs in the first chapter.

Those who wish to get them in a single playthrough, should respect the same order as the one presented in the video game guide.

Mission Description

Isaac’s Apartment “After months of hiding, Isaac Clarke is pressed back into action by Robert Norton and John Carver, men on a mission to destroy the Markers. Their quest is entangled with the fate of Ellie Langford, who has intel on the Markers but is missing in action.”

Collectibles Guide

Hidden collectibles available: 4

Artifacts: 2

Logs: 2

Log #1 (Audio Log)

When the mission starts, you gain control over Isaac, who is inside his apartment.

You turn right and on the desk inside the apartment is the first Dead Space 3 collectable in the mission.

It is the Dead Space 3 Chapter 1 Log #1 in the form of an audio message which requires the action button to be pressed in order to be collected.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 1 Log 1 Location
Log 1 – Audio Log

Log #2 (Text Log)

Next to the desk, in the same apartment, is a bed.

On the bed you can find the second Dead Space 3 Log in Chapter 1, a text log.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 1 Log 2 Location
Log 2 – Text Log

Artifact #1 (Earth Gov Artifact 01)

After exiting the apartment and following the corridors, you encounter the soldiers who were in Isaac’s room. They say to get to the car, but the car explodes and Isaac falls in the sewers. You proceed towards the objective until you reach the highway.

There are unmanned vehicles on the highway that need to be stopped using Stasis.

If you look inside the room on the left side, where the Stasis Recharge station is, you can see the first Dead Space 3 Chapter 1 Artifact collectible in the mission.

In order to get it you need to stop the traffic using Stasis. After that, the room becomes accessible and you can collect the EarthGov Artifact.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 1 Artifact 1 Location
Artifact 1 – EarthGov

Artifact #2 (Unitologist Artifact 01)

The second Dead Space 3 Chapter 1 Artifact can be found later in the mission, after the cutscene with the Marker. You clear the first room of enemies, and then you follow the path until you reach an elevator.

As soon as you exit the elevator you need to check behind the reception desk that’s on your right side.

There, you can find a Unitology Artifact collectable.

Now you need to find the train and solve the puzzle to unlock Chapter 2.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 1 Artifact 2 Location
Artifact 2 – Unitology
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