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Dead Island Video Game Guide: Types of Zombies

The following Dead Island video game guide reveals several types of zombies you will encounter while playing the action role-playing game developed by Techland.

The guide was created with the purpose of helping players who have purchased the video game and they want to find additional information as well as tips and tricks that will help them to defeat the zombies on Banoi Island.

The video game features multiple types of zombies, all of them with different stats, weak points or strong points. Some of these zombies can be defeated faster, while others can be tough opponents. The guide will teach you how to deal with them and how to advance in the game faster.


The Walkers are the first type of zombies you will encounter in Dead Island. A Walker moves slowly and usually he can be found consuming other dead zombies or humans.

To defeat a Walker faster, you should try aiming for the head, which is his weak spot.

In Dead Island the Walkers have multiple variations, such as Burning WalkersToxic WalkersTall Walkers or even Armored Walkers.

The amount of health points a Walker has, depends on his level. This means, that at level one, a Walker has only 100 points, but at higher levels this number increases, and it can reach 1600 at level 25, and even 4000 at level 50.


The Infected are another type of zombies you will encounter in Dead Island. They are more dangerous than theWalkers, because they move very fast, but they have less health.

An Infected should be killed from distance, otherwise he will get near you and he will stop all your attacks except for your kicks. If you are overwhelmed by a group of Infected zombies, you have two options: to die or to run away until you lose them.

The Infected’s amount of health points increases with his level, but at level one he has only 70 points. At level 25, the Infected zombie can have up to 1000 health points and at level 50, this amount can reach 2400.


Floater is a special type of zombie featured in Dead Island. You will encounter the first Floater while exploring the sewers and you can identify him by its red eyes and huge body, partially decomposed. Floaters are also known as Drowners.

The Floaters can attack you from distance, but they can be killed faster if they are attacked from behind. An explosive weapon is also effective against them.

A level 1 Floater has 220 health points, but this amount increases with each level. At level 25 it will reach 3520 points and at level 50, 8800 points.


Another special zombie in Dead Island is the Ram. During the game, you will encounter one while exploring the church. It is a powerful and well armored zombie which will charge you as soon as you are spotted.

It is important to know that a frontal attack against the Ram has no effect; therefore you should jump away while he charges, because he will be disoriented. Attack him from behind, five or six times, and then jump again, because he will kick you. Repeat these steps until he dies.

A Ram can be identified by the jacket on his back and the armor on his chest. He also wears a mask and at level 1 he has 280 health points. At level 50 this amount increases to 9600.


Suicider is a zombie type from Dead Island, which can be identified by his deformed body. The first Suicider can be found on a beach and it is a very dangerous zombie, because if you get near him, it will explode.

When fighting Suiciders, it is important to remember that any melee attack will result in an instant explosion which will eventually deal massive damage to your character. Using throwing weapons is an effective way to kill Suiciders, as long as you don’t get near them.

Another effective but dangerous method to defeat a Suicider, is to run near him and then quickly run away. You will notice that the zombie needs time to inflate, and you can use this time in your advantage.

The Suicider has only 70 health points at level one, but at level 50 the amount increases to 2400.


The Butcher is a more powerful version of the Infected and is a tough zombie that moves very fast. In Dead Island, the first Butcher zombie can be found in the jungle, during the third act of the game.

This zombie type can be identified by the broken forearms he uses to cut his victims.

To defeat a Butcher you should attack him from distance, because his melee attacks are always faster than yours.

A level 1 Butcher zombie has 350 health points, an amount that can reach 12000 at level 50.


In Dead Island, a Thug is the tougher version of the Walker. These zombies are encountered especially when you have to find items of high interest, such as keycards. They serve as mini-bosses and if you manage to defeat them, you will receive a large amount of experience points.

To kill a Thug in Dead Island, you can use several strategies:

Kick him twice and hit him when he screams.

Damage his limbs with a blunt or sharp weapon.

Attack him from distance and then step away to recover. He will lose track and he will return to his original position.

A level 1 Thug has 280 health points but at level 3, he will reach 840, and at level 50 he has 11200 HP.

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