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Dead Island Video Game Guide: Custom Guns

In Dead Island, a custom gun is a firearm modified at a workbench, following the instructions found on a blueprint.

To modify a firearm, you also need money and several specific parts. The customization process is irreversible and it modifies the weapon’s effect on zombies.

The only Dead Island playable character specialized in using firearms is Purna, a former police officer; however players can equip all characters with firearms, but only Purna has increased efficiency when using them, because of her skills.

The following Dead Island weapons guide explains how to customize a basic firearm, offering useful information regarding the materials required and the modified weapon that results when the process ends.

All materials needed, can be found on Banoi Island as well as the basic weapons; but some of the blueprints which unlock new firearms can be picked-up only by completing specific quests.

A modified gun in Dead Island will remain in the player’s inventory and can be equipped by pressing the Up Button on D-Pad.

The modification process of a gun is similar to the process that allows you to modify other weapons available in the game, such as blunt weapons, thrown weapons or bladed weapons; but it requires a greater amount of money.

Custom Guns

Mod: Shock Gun

Cost: $600
Base weapons required: A pistol
Parts requiredMetal Scrap x2, Magnet x2, Battery x2
Effect on zombies: They will be electrified by the modified bullets.

Mod: Strike Gun

Cost: $600
Base weapons required: A pistol
Parts requiredDetergent x2, Glue x2, Metal Scrap x2, Gas x2
Effect on zombies: You will be able to set them on fire.

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