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Dead Island Video Game Guide: Colored Skulls Locations

In Dead Island, the colored skulls are hidden items which give access to unique blueprints that can be used to create some of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Our game guide below reveals the location of every colored skull in Dead Island, offering useful information on where to look for them, where to place them and what will you get if you manage to complete your tasks.

Each colored skull has a pick-up point (hidden) and a drop-off point. Finding these skulls can be a challenge but the rewards deserve the effort. While the weapons unlocked by these unique blueprints may look expensive, players should know that the resulting weapons are very effective in the game.

One example is the Developer’s No. 1 Craft blueprint which is acquired for finding and dropping the Orange Skull. With 5 diamonds, one knife, one battery and $10,000, players can create a customized knife called the Electro Military Knife.

The weapon requires a level 24 character, and it inflicts 222 points of damage. Additionally, it increases the critical chance by 1 point, and the shock damage by 1.

Additional unique Dead Island blueprints can be unlocked by finding the skulls hidden in the game. Players, who wish to get these blueprints, can use the following guide.

Orange Skull

Where to find it: You should search for the Orange Skull, in Act 2 after you travel through the sewers. Eventually, you will reach a supermarket. Follow the first stair case up, and look behind it. You will see some shopping carts and a chest made of metal. Open it and you will find the Orange Skull.

Where to drop it: Return to the sewers and look around for a large room, with some zombies floating on water. Go to the other side of the room and search for a ladder. Climb it and you will reach a higher level where you will see a door. Open it and enter the room, then place the skull on the pile in front of you.

Reward: Developer’s No. 1 Craft Blueprint

Brown Skull

Where to find it: While investigating the crashed helicopter during the Black Hawk Down quest. Nikolai will ask you to accompany him to a bunker. When you get there search for a manhole and you will reach another bunker. Look around and you will see a bed and near it some boxes. Inside one of them is the Brown Skull.

Where to drop it: Exit the bunker and look around for a medium mountain. You must climb it and reach the top if you want to drop the Brown Skull. The location is revealed by the video at the bottom of this guide.

Reward: Developer’s No. 666 Craft Blueprint

Purple Skull

Where to find it: The Purple Skull is in the sewers, but you must find the right room. You can identify it by the toxic barrels inside it. Once you get there look for a ladder and climb it and then go around until you see several crates. Open them and in one box you will find the Purple Skull.

Where to drop it: The Purple Skull must be dropped in a room located in the same building and at the same floor where you found the Blue Skull. Check the next section for additional details.

Reward: Developer’s No. 4 Craft Blueprint

Blue Skull

Where to find it: The skull must be picked up while exploring City of Moresby. Eventually you will have to complete a mission where a woman asks you to help her. She is in an apartment and she will scream, terrified by the zombies. Go upstairs and kill the zombies then go to the top floor to reach the woman.

Search all adjacent rooms and in one of them you will see a glass cabinet. Inside it is the Blue Skull. Explore all rooms and when you reach the one with a stove in it, you can drop the Purple Skull.

Where to drop it: To drop the Blue Skull you must reach the third act of the game. When you start the act, return to the Lifeguard Station and then go west, on the beach, and you will see an abandoned bunker. If the bunker is not protected by zombies, you must advance in the game and come back later.

If the bunker is protected, kill the zombies and talk to the guy inside. When he opens the gate, go inside and search for a manhole, which will take you to another bunker. Climb the ladder inside and pick up the canister, and then go back down. Look for a blocked door and blow it up, then enter the next room and place the skull.

Reward: Developer’s No. 3 Craft Blueprint

Green Skull

Where to find it: To find the Green Skull, you must go back to the starting point. Exit the hut, on the beach, and go right. Pass the first wooden fence and then the second, then go right, leaving the beach behind you. You will enter a small hidden area and you will see a wrecked boat near a large stone. Go right, around the large stone until you will see some surfing boards.

Kill the zombies there and move forward; following the small river, then when the river becomes larger, to your right, you will see a path that will take you up on the hill. Don’t follow the path, just climb the mountain to your left and you will find a hidden ledge and a metal chest. The Green Skull is there.

Where to drop it: To drop the Green Skull you must find the marketplace. It is in Act 2, right after the town hall. While exploring the marketplace, make sure you pay attention to the shelves, because the drop-off point is on one of them.

The location you are looking for is to the left. On one of the shelves you will see many teddy bears, and on one of them you can place the Green Skull. It is in the middle, under the overturned teddy bear.

Reward: Developer’s No. 2 Craft Blueprint

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