Darksiders II The Spine Collectibles Map

Darksiders II The Spine Collectibles

If we open the Darksiders II world map, after we enter the Kingdom of the Dead, and scroll down, we will notice a small area, south of the City of the Dead, an area called The Spine.

When we travel towards the City of the Dead or towards the Judicator’s Tomb, inevitably we will have to cross The Spine, unless we use the Fast Travel function.

A good idea is to explore The Spine, especially if we wish to find more Darksiders II collectibles, because some of them are hidden in this zone.

As part of our full Darksiders 2 collectibles walkthrough, the following guide refers to all collectibles in Darksiders II The Spine.

Players who have purchased the game and wish to find additional Stonebites or Relics, to complete the corresponding side-quests, can use the maps above and the instructions which explain how to find these extremely valuable items.

If we reached The Spine and missed the collectables revealed by this guide, we can always return to the area and collect them, later in the game.

Stone of Power Location

At the top of the tall building located in the south-east are of the main map (northern side of The Spine) we can find a chest.

We turn around after we open it, and right in front of us we can see a Stone of Power on the wall.

Relic of Renagoth Location

At the end of The Spine area is a tall ascendable building (south-east part of the main map).

As we’re facing the climbable wall, behind us is a black rock. We need to go behind it to collect a Darksiders II Relic of Renagoth.

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